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Writing fiction is a passion for Pauline Fisk; a way of creating a partnership between herself and her readers through the pages of her novels- something that can never be found in film, television or computer.
One of her aims is to teach children to learn to love life through books, as she herself did; extending the boundaries of the real world by stretching young people's imaginations to see that the world is full of wonder - and hope.
'There really are boats like the Princess of Pengwerne in Sabrina Fludde, waiting to take young readers through the seas of their imagination, drawn to new horizons by the lure of lore.' (Pauline Fisk)
Her writing draws on her deep love of her local surroundings - its landscape, people and legends are inextricably linked with the stories she tells. Sabrina Fludde, for example, sprang from Pauline's move to the medieval town of Shrewsbury (Pengwern in the book) and her writing became an outlet for the discoveries she was making about the history, folk-lore and modern street life of her new home. It was also inspired by the River Severn's legends and natural life. In particular it grew out of the old railway bridge over the Severn, which is 'every bit as creepy as the one in the book.'
Growing up in the suburbs of south London, Pauline was a quiet girl with a huge imagination and a passion for storytelling that was the only way she knew to overcome her shyness. She hated school with a vengeance and was only happy in her own make-believe world, until she discovered, at the age of nine, that stories could also be written down. This almighty revelation led to the momentous decision - to become an author, not 'when I grow up' but right here, right now.
She started by writing stories based around her favourite authors at the time, Alan Garner, Enid Blyton and A.A. Milne. She also spent hours searching for evidence of fairy life and the reality of magic in the back garden, scouring the sky for angels. A habit she has never lost.
Her dream was to write like her heroes: Emily Bronte, Dylan Thomas, Tolkein. She spent the next thirty years searching for her own voice, whilst abandoning her bra, shoes and all other non-essential items to live in Shropshire in the Sixties, living 'the good life'. After marrying, having five children and spending her time weaving tapestries, cloths and rugs, she returned to writing via journalism.
However, this was not what her dreams had been about, and finally she felt she was ready to trust her own voice and write her first novel: Midnight Blue. It went on to win the Smarties prize and was shortlisted for the Whitbread Children's Award.
Sabrina Fludde is her sixth novel, the others include Telling the Sea and The Candle House (both Lion Publishing).
'It's a grand obsession this writing of books, and as long as the stories spring up then the river never ends.' Pauline Fisk

Biography provided by Helen Dunning Publicist to Pauline Fisk on her book Sabrina Fludde

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