Spies in Disguise: Boy in a Tutu by Kate Scott

Spies in Disguise: Boy in a Tutu

Written by Kate Scott
Part of the Spies in Disguise Series

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The Lovereading4Kids comment

A funny, wise-cracking spy story with World Cup memorabilia at its centre - James Bond never had to dress up as a girl!! - packed full of gadgets and super sleuthing and a boy who must dress in a tutu in order to hide his identity.

The third in the series, Boy in Heels, will be coming in 2015.

Reader Reviews

We invited members of the Lovereading4kids reader review panel to read and review the first in the Spies in Disguise series - Boy in Tights. You can read their reviews below.

  • Nicholas Butler, age 8 - 'I very much enjoyed this book because I thought it was funny that Joe had to dress up as a girl due to his parents being spies and being chased by bad people that want to hurt them.' Read full review >
  • Alex Bateman, age 8 - 'Amazing! This book made me feel alive and happy throughout.' Read full review >
  • Lucy Bridges, age 8 - 'This a brilliant book for my age, everyone that reads this book will absolutely LOVE IT and I mean LOVE IT to bits. So read this book, get it and read it now! (it is amazing!)' Read full review >
  • Daniel Bisland, age 6 - 'I give it 1,000/1,000 because it’s a funny book and it’s extremely exciting.' Read full review >
  • Sabina Beinart-Smith, age 6 - 'I thought this book was really really really really funny because Joe had to go to school as a girl. But he wasn't very good at being a girl!' Read full review >
  • Miranda Beinart-Smith, age 8 - 'This book is really funny because it's about a boy who goes to school undercover as a girl! He wears a frilly, pink dress, a blonde wig and pink and white tights!' Read full review >
  • Daniel Harrison, age 7 - 'This was quite a funny book.' Read full review >
  • Brodie Greenslade, age 8 - 'Spies in Disguise is a story about who a boy who has to go undercover at his school which means he has to dress up as a girl! I really liked the book because it made me laugh.' Read full review >
  • Ethan Douglas, age 9 - 'Joe's parents are spies...Joe has to go in disguise (in a dress) to a different school. Can he survive without giving away his true identity? a very good book, very funny and awesome.' Read full review >
  • Sam Harper, age 10 - 'A very funny book...I can still picture him with his hairy legs in the scratchy tights and frilly dress and I can't wait to read about his adventures in the next in the series.  A real winner!' Read full review >
  • Oliver Lonsdale, age 6 - 'This book is fantastic, it’s really funny and exciting all rolled into one.' Read full review >
  • Liam Wilson, age 9 - 'A funny, exciting book.' Read full review >
  • Lily Benner, age 9 - 'This book was like my favourite chocolate, I wanted to gobble it up but was sad when it was finished.' Read full review >
  • Jasmine Harris-Hart, age 12 – 'When Joe discovers his mum and dad are spies he thinks it's great, until he realizes they are in danger! A good spy story, it keeps you guessing all the way through and plenty of laughs to be had too.' Read full review >
  • Erica Motoc, age 7 - 'Joe has to go under-cover as a GIRL which is NOT GOOD AT ALL...You can imagine how funny that is!' Read full review >
  • Eloise Mae Clarkson, age 11 - 'This book is both funny and exciting.' Read full review >
  • Jennifer Towler, age 8 - 'Loved it! I was nervous when Sam realised that Josie was a boy, but it was funny that the friends all wanted boxer shorts!'
  • Lucas, age 9 - 'It was hilarious and I loved it!' Read full review >
  • George Johnson, age 7 - 'It was really really really funny!  I loved the fact that there was a boy dressed up as a girl who was a spy - great idea for a story.'  Read full review >


Spies in Disguise: Boy in a Tutu by Kate Scott

Joe and Sam put their spy skills to the test against a new villain, in a new mission and in ...tutus?!

The only way to find out who is scheming to steal the World Cup memorabilia exhibition at the local leisure centre is to sign up for ballet lessons there. Joe and Sam land the lead roles in the end-of-term show - but Sam's playing the male lead, and Joe's the prima donna! Can Joe hold it together (and Sam stop laughing) for long enough to find the clues and figure out who's really behind the next Great Robbery?

About the Author

Kate Scott

Kate Scott was born in London. She has lived in Hong Kong, Paris, Scotland, and two tiny villages in France. She now lives in Dorset with her husband and two children. Kate writes children's books, children's television programmes, radio plays and poetry. She's had lots of different jobs but now she makes up stories - the best job in the world. She likes drawing, dancing, reading and 1940s films. She hates raw tomatoes and being tickled. Sometimes her children read what she's writing and give her advice on how to make it better.

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192 pages
Interest Age: From 9 to 12 years


Kate Scott
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Piccadilly Press Ltd an imprint of Templar Publishing

Publication date

5th June 2014




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