Reader Reviewed The Crow Talker by Jacob Grey

The Crow Talker

Written by Jacob Grey
Part of the Ferals Series

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The Lovereading4Kids comment

April 2015 Debut of the Month Caw is an orphan, or might as well be. His parents threw him out aged five and since then he’s lived with a family of crows in a local park. He’s learnt to understand them, and as the story develops he meets a man who, like him, can talk to and control a certain type of animal. Such people, Ferals, are in danger though, the sinister and terrifying Spinning Man is coming after them. Caw shares characteristics with superheroes and makes an appealing central character for young readers, boys in particular. This high-octane adventures ticks lots of boxes for fans of fantasy action. ~ Andrea Reece

Reader Reviews

Kids love to read and so in addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Lovereading4kids Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title. You can read their full reviews by clicking here.

  • Sam Moffat, age 12 - 'a brilliant book. It has a mix of SCI-FI and Fantasy which work very well together...I loved this book and I will be keeping an eye out for more Jacob Grey books.'
  • Elenie Williams, age 11 - 'a great book that has a cliff-hanger ending that makes you want to read more.'
  • Ella Hollingshead, age 13 - 'Having the ability to communicate with animals is Caw's common ground with a bunch of criminals. Led by the spinning man, who wishes to return to the living, they soon show their evil side.'
  • Abraham Fisher, age 12 - 'a book that has every emotion packed into it, it has an amazing plot that is full of suspense and anticipation. I want a sequel, now!!!'
  • Destiny Maraj, age 13 - 'It was adventurous, creative, scary and nerve-wrecking all at the same incredible novel, I couldn't have asked for a better one to read.'
  • James Lawrence Griffith, age 11 - 'This enticing modern adventure story would suit all animal and adrenaline lovers. I loved its great story line.'
  • Sophia Ufton - 'Wow! Amazing book! Just fantastic, I couldn't stop reading.'


The Crow Talker by Jacob Grey

In a city ravaged by crime and corruption, 13-year-old orphan Caw's only friends are the murder of crows he has lived with since his parents flung him from their house aged only five...Caw lives in a treehouse in an abandoned city park, surviving on scraps of food and only communicating with his three crows. But a jailbreak at the prison forces him into contact with other humans - particularly a girl called Lydia, who is attacked by the escaped prisoners and is saved by Caw. Caw realises that these escaped prisoners have more in common with him than he'd like...they too are FERALS - humans able to communicate with and control an animal species. And they want to bring their evil Feral master, The Spinning Man, back from the Land of the Dead. Only by joining forces with other good Ferals hiding throughout the city can Caw stand a chance of defeating them.

About the Author

Little is known of the mysterious Jacob Grey. He is said to live in a big city in the USA, where he wanders the streets at night dreaming up his dark and twisted tales. He has a deep love of animals and even talks to crows himself... although no one knows if he understands their replies.

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288 pages
Interest Age: From 10 years


Jacob Grey
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HarperCollins Children's Books an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Publication date

26th March 2015




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