My Book of Bike Activities A Wheelie Good Book by Catherine Bruzzone

My Book of Bike Activities A Wheelie Good Book

Written by Catherine Bruzzone

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A great book for boys and girls, experienced cyclists and relative beginners. It is full of fun activities and interesting biking facts - longest bike, fastest bike and much more - as well as practical tips on getting to grips with bike tricks and mending a puncture for instance. Whether you have a BMX (Bicycle Motocross), an MTB (Mountain Bike) or the latest cool Velodrome racer there is something everyone in this great value activity book. It really is a Wheelie Good Book. The puzzles, games, colouring and drawing will keep youngsters happy for hours...when they’re not out on their bikes, of course!

Review from Mum Friendly, parent blogger On seeing My Book of Bike Activities H exclaimed “WOW! Is this for me?” and then sat in silence doing several of the puzzles – not completing them all, but just a little bit of each one, or using her finger to trace the bike race, so as not to spoil it a second time. It’s a book she enjoys going back to. As a parent, I like to think of My Book of Bike Activities as being like an issue of a good children's magazine – lots of small activities and articles that will keep a child entertained, plus they’ll learn loads about bikes too. Highly recommended!


My Book of Bike Activities A Wheelie Good Book by Catherine Bruzzone

There are snippets on ice bikes, cycling speed records and historical penny-farthings. For the courageous, there are step-by-step guides to simple bike tricks like the popular ‘foot jam endo’ and for the beginners, fear not, there is plenty of hands-on, practical bike advice to get everyone started. Cath’s enthusiasm for everthing ‘bike’ ramps off the page and will appeal to professionals and amateurs alike.

“My toughest cycle touring experience was pushing our bikes up a so-called ‘short cut’ in Catalonia three years ago.” laughs Cath Bruzzone, keen cycle tourist and author of a new cycling activity book for kids. “It was only about three kilometres on the map. The track was so steep and stony, we slithered back as much as we stumbled forward.”

Strangely enough it hasn’t put her off cycle touring and she and her partner, David, have also cycled from London to Venice and Snowdonia to London. “We added a ‘granny gear’ on my very ordinary bike so I can crawl slowly up most mountain roads. This and my two pairs of padded shorts are the sum total of my specialised touring gear.”

These trips and her love of local cycling encouraged Cath to write a book for children, My Book of Bike Activities (subtitle A Wheelie Good Book). “There are loads of books and magazines for Mum and Dad but not much fun and interesting for their kids.” Cath’s two daughters rode to school on their bikes and have ‘fond’ memories of cycling and camping holidays. “Well, one French holiday near Dieppe we spent most of the time sheltering from the rain,” says daughter Annie. “And I remember cycling round the Isle of Wight against the wind!” agrees Lucy but they are both now commuter cyclists in Cambridge and London.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Cath and I’m a publisher and the owner of b small publishing, which I started in 1990. After teaching French and Italian at secondary schools, I spent 10 years at Pan Books, developing language learning and children’s activity books, including the Breakthrough series of home study language courses (now published by Macmillan) and the Learn Together series of home study workbooks for parents and children. Though I spend a lot of my time helping other people to learn languages, I love to learn new languages myself. My two children, Lucy and Annie, are bilingual in English and Italian and I’ve dabbled with Turkish and Arabic, passed a GCSE in Spanish, got to grips with Mandarin Chinese to visit Lucy when she was teaching in China in 2001 and I’m currently learning Welsh. It’s all great fun but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to practice! Luckily, in 2002, Annie spent some time teaching in Chile, which made me brush up my Spanish again. At b small, I’m responsible for all of the books that we produce but I don’t write them all myself! Given my interest in languages, most of the books I have worked on are to help young people learn more languages. These include, the Lucy Cat Series, the Bilingual First Books, First Language with Supercat, Hide & Speak and More Hide & Speak, Language Fun and the Colour in Language books.

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Catherine Bruzzone
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1st June 2015




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b small publishing limited is an imprint of B Small

logo As a former secondary school language teacher, and after a decade working for various educational publishers, Cath Bruzzone started b small in 1990 from her kitchen table in Chiswick, producing own-brand books for the Early Learning Centre. The first series under the imprint b small was published in 1993 with the Bilingual First Books, colourful first word books in English and French or Spanish. Highly original and increasingly sought after by parents in instilling children with a love of languages, b small goes from strength to strength.

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