Reader Reviewed Septimus Heap 1: Magyk by Angie Sage

Septimus Heap 1: Magyk

Written by Angie Sage

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This wonderful series, of which this is the first, features the magic of Harry Potter and some similar imaginative characters of Artemis Fowl. 10 year olds will enjoy the world of the Heap family just as much as adults and if read together the trials and tribulations of this family will be an evening of shared reading to remember long afterwards. It's a real delight whilst being quirky and original too.


In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion for Magyk a number of teenagers were lucky enough to be invited to review this title. Here's a taster....'Bravo for Angie Sage! Bravo for Magyk! Bravo for Septimus Heap! I was truly mesmerized by Magyk, the first in the Septimus Heap series. I genuinely could find no faults, other than the book had to finish. '....

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Septimus Heap 1: Magyk by Angie Sage

Featuring quirky characters, this is an imaginative and a darkly humorous adventure. A baby girl is rescued from a snowy path in the woods. A baby boy is stillborn. A young Queen is taken ill. An ExtraOrdinary Wizard mysteriously resigns from his post. And all on the same night. A string of events, seemingly unconnected, begins to converge ten years later, when the Heap family receive a knock at the door. The evil Necromancer DomDaniel is plotting his comeback and a Major Obstacle resides in the Heap family. Life as they know is about to change, and the most fantastically fast-paced adventure of confused identities, magyk and mayhem, begin


Darcy Gray, age 11 if you want a great adventure and a book you can't put down then this is the book for you. The story has an exciting twist at the end as well as some disgusting bits. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book.. Click here to read the full review

Ewan Young, 10 After introducing us to all the characters the adventure soon begins, there are lots of twists to keep it interesting, just when you think you have figured it out there's another one to keep you on your toes! Click here to read the full review

Carla McGuigan, age 13
It is very easy to read it and if you like Harry Potter then you will certainly love this story. Click here to read the full review

Jasmine Randall, age 11 From just one glance at the front cover I was struck with an inescapable desire to read more, and I think that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Click here to read the full review

James Goodall, age 10 This book is brilliant. Click here to read the full review

James Newbery age 10 Bravo for Angie Sage! Bravo for Magyk! Bravo for Septimus Heap! I was truly mesmerized by Magyk, the first in the Septimus Heap series. I genuinely could find no faults, other than the book had to finish. Click here to read the full review

Aimee Sweet age 11 This fantasy is packed with danger and intrigue and I love how Angie Sage preserves fantasy, mystery and thriller and then flings it out to the readers, almost engulfing them with an amazing book. Click here to read the full review

Mia Cook As soon as I picked up Magyk I couldn't put it down, nothing could distract me. Click here to read the full review

Delilah Acworth, age 13 It is not very often when you are greeted by a book that manages to hold Romance, Magic, Darkness, Humour and utter genius all in one. Click here to read the full review

Alysha May, year 7 a fun and exciting read Click here to read the full review

Cameron Hazell, year 7 I thought the book was amazing Click here to read the full review

Evelyn Howat, year 7 To top the fantastic story off there was a sudden twist right at the very end that really made me gasp…Click here to read the full review

Jake Caston, year 7 Reading Magyk has made me want to read the rest of the books by Angie Sage. Click here to read the full review

Lucy Mann age 12 The first Septimus Heap book is an interesting and page turning book. Click here to read the full review

Eleanor Storey, year 7 It has a fantastic storyline, with so many twist and turns (And red herrings.), that as soon as you think you understand the plot, your prediction is swiped away. Click here to read the full review.

Megan Bailey year 7 I found this book entrancing, it grabbed me after the first page, and I wanted to find out what happened. It has humour and lots of description. Click here to read the full review

Sam Harper, age 9 The characters are described in amazing detail and the story is both funny and mega exciting with an unexpected twist at the end. Click here to read the full review

Grace Parker, age 10 I enjoyed the bit about Jenna escaping best because for me it grabbed my attention and imagination and made me feel like part of the story. Click here to read the full review

Five of the above reviewers, Sam, James, Eleanor, Jasmine and Mia also won a signed set of the Septimus Heap series as a result of the review each of them sent in. Congratulations to all of them but also a big thank you to everyone else who sent in a review for MAGYK.


'A book to gallop through' Irish Times

'Her yarn scoots along like a dragon-boat with the wind in its sails' Sunday Times

About the Author

Angie Sage

Angie Sage grew up in the Thames Valley, London and Kent. She went to Art School in Leicester where she studied Graphic Design and Illustration. After college she started illustrating books and then progressed to writing, first toddler books, later chapter books and now, Septimus Heap. She lives overlooking a creek in Cornwall and loves sailing her boat, Muriel, and all things to do with the sea. She has two grown up daughters.

What are your favourite children’s books and why?
The book I liked best when my children were little was Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak — because of the wonderful pictures and dreamlike way it portrays Max and his day. Hairy McLary — Lynley Dodd — because of the fun illustrations and wonderful rhymes. Almost anything by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, although Burglar Bill was a favourite. The books I liked to read when I was young and still like to read sometimes are — Winnie The Pooh and House at Pooh Corner by AA Milne — I love all the characters and the relationships between them. Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham — again, lovely characters and relationships, plus great atmosphere and funny too.

All the books by E Nesbit — very atmospheric and a lovely feeling for history. Elizabeth Gouge — I remember the beginning of one with a character called Miss Heliotrope and a little tower bedroom with a fire in the fireplace and a jar of biscuits beside the bed. It was a simply magical atmosphere.
Enid Blyton — I loved all the Famous Five stories. John Wyndham’s Sci Fi books were great.

Who are your favourite children’s authors and why?
E.Nesbit — although the books are all a bit old fashioned now they are full of magic. The children are all resourceful and strong.
Jacqueline Wilson — lots of real life stuff which is always manages to be reassuring, however bad it gets.
Roald Dahl — great stories, nicely subversive
JK Rowling — Harry Potter is a wonderful world to go into.
…and lots more that I can’t think of now but will remember after I’ve sent this off.

Who or what was your biggest influence in deciding to become a writer?
I think my biggest influence has been all the wonderful books I have read over the years- they made me want to have a go at writing my own.

What inspired you to write your latest book?
I wanted to create a whole world where things were familiar to us, but magical and different too. I have had the character of Septimus in my head for ages and it was not until Marcia Overstrand appeared on the scene that everything came together.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever written?
Septimus Heap.

Is there any particular ritual involved in your writing process (favourite pen, lucky charm, south-facing window)?
No. But I do need peace and quiet. I write on a laptop and I find I don't get so many ideas if I use a pen and paper. I just end up with loads of crossings out and silly doodles.

What is your favourite colour?
Blue. But recently I have begun to think that pink is not so bad after all.

What is your favourite food and worst?
I really like fresh cherries in the summer. And I hate aniseed. Yuk.

Do you have a pet?
No. But I still miss my tortoise who wandered off many years ago. The nearest thing I have to a pet now are two ducks who visit most evenings in the summer for bread and fresh water.

What subject did you enjoy most as school... and least?
I liked English the best, and Art too. I loathed maths, it just seemed so weird…

What is your favourite film?
I don't know really. I like films when I see them and then forget all about them afterwards. Dark Star — a funny Sci Fi film with a pet alien that looks like a tomato comes to mind.

What music do you like?
Blues, Rock and Roll played loud and boogie woogie piano. Elton John. I love live music.

If you hadn't been an author, what would you have been?
Not sure. There are lots of things I would have liked to have tried, like sailing round the world or building houses.

How long does it take you to write a book?
Septimus Heap: Magyk took about a year. And the second book, Flyte .. will have taken about a year too. Then I need a bit more time after that to go back to it and check it out again.

How long have you been writing books?
About 20 years. I started writing toddler books and they just got longer … and longer.

Where do you get your ideas from?
They all turn up when I start writing. Once I know who the characters are, and where they are, they kind of take over and then things happen to them. I don't really know where my ideas come from. It is all very odd when you stop and think about it. Best not to, as my granny used to say.

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Angie Sage
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