The Adventures of Scratch, Sniff and Mr Smith: Mr Smith Invents a Robot  by Shibani Mohindra

The Adventures of Scratch, Sniff and Mr Smith: Mr Smith Invents a Robot

Written by Shibani Mohindra

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The Lovereading4Kids comment

Mr Smith Invents a Robot is a beautifully illustrated 'smell and tell' book, containing smells to encourage young and reluctant readers to enjoy the reading experience. Big, bold, colourful imagery fills every page and coupled with the great storyline and different smells emanating from every page - lavender and smelly shoes to name just two - makes this a wonderfully unique book.

Lovereading comment:

Apart from the laugh-out-loud really smelly book that you get when you buy this book, you'll find it also comes with 16 super smelly stickers. Great for kids to give to all their friends so they can all be just as smelly as each other!

Further adventures include Scratch, Sniff and Mr Smith: The Case of the Missing Garlic, which is due out this summer and further 'smelly' titles will follow.

A message from The Smelly Book Company:

'We make smelly books. We use smells in the books to encourage children to read with enjoyment. The sense of smell is our oldest sense, but one that has been overtaken by other senses. Our books therefore bring a whole new dimension to the reading experience by engaging an unused sense, and creating excitement around the activity of reading. Oh and we forgot to mention, our stories are good too.'

The Smelly Book Company donates a percentage of its profits to charity. Details of their donations can be found on their website.


The Adventures of Scratch, Sniff and Mr Smith: Mr Smith Invents a Robot by Shibani Mohindra

About the characters in this book:

Mr Smith: He is very clever man who is always inventing very clever things. He lives somewhere in the middle of nowhere and you can always recognise him because he wears the most colourful smelly shirts.

Scratch: He is a purrrfectly purple cat because he eats all the lavender in the garden...which also explains why he smells sweet. Scratch is a bit naughty and always getting up to things.

Sniff: He’s a robot that Mr Smith made from recycled material. Sniff can see, talk, hear and even ...smell. Mr Smith made Sniff as a friend for Scratch’s birthday.
They will become good friends.

The book is A4 in size and all smells conform to EN71 standard. This is Book 1 of the new Scratch Sniff & Mr Smith range.


'Brilliant and absolutely unique' Gail Duggan, Plumcroft School, Greenwich

'Mummy...this book really smells' Sam, aged 4

'An imaginative and inspirational read for children' Camilla from Kids Company

'My kids loved the smelly stickers' Judith Green, teacher and mother of three

'this is the most smelly-tastic book i have ever read' Mikki Cohn aged 6

“the smells are so real, we felt like we were in the story” Victor Leon, Father of three boys

“The Scratch, Sniff and Mr Smith book is very innovative, and reaches the high quality standards our customers expect” -
Karen White, Managing Director, Primary Teaching Services

“this is Scratch and Sniff for a new generation” – Deborah Holland, Mum to Elis

“Engages children into the magical world of storytelling” – Lara Hemens, teacher at Newton Farm Primary School

“What an excellent product. Congratulations and I hope the whole series is a success” - Claire Mercy, Teaching assistant

“both my children loved the first book and cannot wait for the rest of the series” – Nicki Secker , Mum to Francesca and James

“the smells were unreal and had us interacting as a family with amazement” – Sue Wetherill, Mum to Lottie and Sophie

About the Author

Shibani Mohindra

Shibani Mohindra is the sensory scientist member of The Smelly Book Company team. She gained an MBA from the City university Business Shcool and has worked in the leading fragrance companies. She is the daugher of one of India's leading children's authors, Kamlesh Mohindra and that is where she gets her huge love of children's books and writing. She is single and lives in London. The series of books entitled The Adventures of Scratch, Sniff and Mr Smith are her first foray into writing for children and they have been met with universal praise. The first title is Mr Smith invents a Robot and the second is The Case of the Missing Garlic.

The illustrator of the Scratch and Sniff titles is Sue Sansom. She studied at the Medway College of Art and Design. She has spent much of her career creating characters for the advertising, publishing and TV industry. She has illustrated several books and has recently exhibited her work at The Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford. Sue lives with her children, Elliot and Charlotte in Kent.

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Shibani Mohindra
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20th March 2009




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