21st Century Boys: How Modern Life is Driving Them Off the Rails and How We Can Get Them Back on Track by Sue Palmer

21st Century Boys: How Modern Life is Driving Them Off the Rails and How We Can Get Them Back on Track

Written by Sue Palmer

For Parents   
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By the author of the incredibly successful Toxic Childhood is a book that focuses specially on the development of boys from birth to the teenage years. This is an indispensible guide to raising 21st century boys with lots of practical advice in order to turn young boys into grown men that are balanced, bright, resilient and ready for anything that’s ‘thrown’ at them.


21st Century Boys: How Modern Life is Driving Them Off the Rails and How We Can Get Them Back on Track by Sue Palmer

What's happening to boys? At home, they sprawl before a flickering screen, lost in a solitary, sedentary fantasy world; at school, the choice of role seems limited to nerd or thug, bullied or bullying. By the time they reach their teens, the chances of depression, self-harm, drug or alcohol abuse grow each year. In such an environment, raising boys has never been more diffcult. For the sake of their sons, parents need to know the facts about how boys develop and how best to protect them from the damaging effects of modern life. For the sake of our future, we all need to recognise the problems of 21st century boys, and to support parents in stemming thhe growing tide of detachment and disaffection. In this hugely important book, Sue Palmer assesses the issues currently confronting boys from birth to when they leave school, and explains how we can all help to ensure they emerge as healthy, normal adults. Based on the latest research from around the world, 21st Century Boys provides parents, teachers and others with a clear pathway to bringing up boys.


'Palmer, who sparked a media storm with her first book, Toxic Childhood examines the issues that confront 21st-century boys from birth to the end of school in the light of the most up-to-date research and explains what we can all do to help ensure they emerge as healthy, normal adults. Behind the screaming headlines, she talks a lot of sense'

'In a hugely informative and interesting book packed with readable research, Palmer suggests how we can raise balanced, bright boys. Each chapter ends with practical suggestions for how this might be achieved; parents are told how to rebuff demands for bedrooms TVs ( I love you too much ); and politicians to stop their marketing to under-eights'

'It's a very well researched book with plenty of pretty inarguable evidence. From a secondary teacher's point of view it will help you to understand why your boys are as they are. And understanding a problem is half way to solving it. The ever-practical Ms Palmer provides pages of what we can do suggestions at the end of each chapter, including specific ideas for teachers'

'Palmer (who has) more than 30 years' teaching experience under her belt, is a woman on a mission. author of the well-received Toxic Childhood, a comprehensive examination of the impact of pressures on modern children such as rising childhood obesity figures and violent computer games, the writer has now turned her attention to the world of little boys

'Are junk food, lack of sleep, computer games, the internet and the frantic pace of 21st century life breeding damaged, unhappy adolescents? And why are boys so particularly affected? The author analyses the issues facing our young men and suggests what we can do to reclaim our boys' stability, well-being and future'

'This book is a detailed analysis of the world our boys are growing up in and how it's affecting them...She uses the latest research from around the world as well as her own experience as an educator to assess the issues confronting boys, from birth to when they leave school'

'I am a great fan of literacy expert Sue Palmer...We would live in a far better society if everyone who has any responsibility for raising and educating boys were to read it [21st Century Boys] - and then take action'

'Based on the latest research from around the world, 21st Century Boys provides parents and teachers with a clear pathway to bringing up boys'

'Practical advice for parents is evident in each chapter and offered in a very non-patronizing common sense style. There are amusing and very realistic case studies and helpful chapter summaries, whic allow the reader to recap, think, dwell and reflect. A great read for anyone and everyone

'One of the pleasures of reviewing books for The Teacher is to find a book that makes you think about the way you approach teaching - 21st Century Boys is such a book

About the Author

Sue Palmer
Sue Palmer is a writer, broadcaster and consultant on the education of young children. A former head teacher, she lectures widely around the world, and is an independent adviser to many organisations, including the BBC and the DfES.

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