Mosaic 2 Student Book Listening and Speaking by Jamie Hanreddy, Elizabeth Whalley

Mosaic 2 Student Book Listening and Speaking

Written by Jamie Hanreddy, Elizabeth Whalley
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Mosaic 2 Student Book Listening and Speaking by Jamie Hanreddy, Elizabeth Whalley

Interactions Mosaic, 4th Edition is the newly expanded five-level, four-skill comprehensive ESL/ELT series for academic students. The new edition, for beginners to advanced learners, incorporates interactive and communicative activities while still focusing on skill building to prepare students for academic content. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, as well as Grammar are thoroughly presented in each strand. High-interest themes are integrated across all skill strands and levels. Language proficiencies as well are articulated from level to level.It features: global activities, which are suitable for ESL/ELT monolingual or multilingual classrooms; a new design, content, audio programs, photos, and illustrations, which reinforce skill-building exercises; placement tests and chapter quizzes, which are included in each Instructor's Manual; user-friendly instructions, which complete scope and sequence, and consistent chapter structure, which offers greater flexibility in lesson planning; and, 5 new videos, one per level, which immerse students in authentic language.The program components include: Student Texts; Instructor's Manuals; Audio Programs for L/S and Reading (Audiocassettes/CDs); L/S Assessment Audiocassettes and CDs; Reading Student Audio CDs; Program CD/ROM; Video Demo Audiocassette; and, Student Book. The Student Books of the new 4th edition of Interactions Mosaic have completely updated photos and illustrations and sport a new design. Global activities are suitable for ESL and ELT monolingual or multilingual classrooms. User-friendly instructions appeal to both instructor and student. A complete scope and sequence is presented at the beginning of each book. Consistent chapter structure creates greater flexibility in lesson planning.Mosaic 2 (High Intermediate Low Advanced) covers Listening/Speaking Scope and Sequence - Listening Strategies, Listening Skills, Language Functions, Speaking Tasks, Focus on Testing, Lecture Topics, and Video Topics. The 1st chapter gives students a preview of the upcoming material. Did You Know? offers variety of interesting facts to spark students' interest in the topic. Part 1: Getting Started activates students' prior knowledge through prelistening questions and a vocabulary preview. Part 2: Before You Listen prepares students for the lecture by having them consider and discuss the topic and predict main ideas of the lecture.Learning Strategies in Part 2 include using lecture organization to identify main ideas, using different outline forms, understanding and using figurative language, listening for comparison sand contrasts, listening for causes and effects, distinguishing between fact and opinion, predicting exam questions, and thinking critically. Note Taking Strategies in Part 2 include using different outline forms, abbreviating, using illustrations, using target expressions to help understand lectures, and using cohesive devices as markers. Talk It Over in Part 2 offers a variety of speaking activities, i.e., role-plays, interviews, presentations, small-group discussions, and pairwork.Language Function Practice in Part 3 takes students from identifying and understanding functional language to using it in everyday and academic settings. Focus on Testing practices test-taking strategies vital for success on standardized test. Video News Broadcasts immerse students in authentic language, complete with scaffolding and follow-up activities to reinforce listening and speaking skills. (Refer to ISBN 0-07-232995-5 for Video) The chapter themes include: Language and Learning; Danger and Daring; Sex and Gender; Mysteries; Past and Present; Transitions; The Mind Working; Breakthroughs; Art and Entertainment; Conflict and Reconciliation; Medicine and Science; and, The Future.

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267 pages


Jamie Hanreddy, Elizabeth Whalley
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McGraw Hill Higher Education an imprint of McGraw-Hill Education - Europe

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1st July 2001



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