Tennessee Fundamentals of Construction Trainee Guide by NCCER


Tennessee Fundamentals of Construction Trainee Guide by NCCER

Tennessee Fundamentals of Construction (c)2017 ISBN: 978-0-13-457843-9 This custom text meets Tennessee standards and contains Core Curriculum: Introductory Craft Skills, 5E, as well as additional modules on Project Management. * NCCER has enhanced the text's appeal to an international market, primarily with new features to show how construction impacts countries around the world. * A revised Basic Safety (Construction Site Safety Orientation) module aligns to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) 10-hour program. This means that instructors who are OSHA-500 certified are able to issue 10-hour OSHA cards to their students who successfully complete the module. Combined with an NCCER credential, the OSHA 10-hour card will show employers a credible and valuable training record. While aligning to the OSHA-based standards of the United States, this module enhances safety practices and discusses how these can change state-to-state and country-to-country. Also, the successful completion of this module will award a construction Site Safety Orientation credential. * This edition of the Introduction to Construction Math module keeps math real for students by emphasizing application over theory-related exercises. By keeping math real, the language of math is much easier to understand. As a companion piece to this module, a Basic Math Workbook is also available for instructors to use to supplement classroom activities. * The Introduction to Basic Rigging module includes basic safety requirements for working around rigging and cranes, and rigging equipment identification. This module has been reduced in size and hours. It is an elective, and as such is not required for successful completion of the Core Curriculum. * The Basic Communication Skills module now includes content on nonverbal communication and explains the importance of electronic messaging in the construction industry. * The Introduction to Material Handling module now presents the basics of knot tying, as knots are critical with any material handling procedure. * Introduction to Project Management module introduces the roles and responsibilities of project management, including technical and management skills. It presents and overview of the various phases in an construction project and descries alternate project delivery methods. SUPPLEMENTS: An electronic version of this custom book is also available in VitalSource. A printed Teacher Edition (ISBN 978-0-13-457846-0) contains an instructor's copy of the Trainee Guide, Lesson Plans, and Basic Math Workbook. The Basic Math Workbook is intended for instructors to use as an additional learning aid for students in the classroom to improve math skills. It also includes an access code to the NCCER Instructor Resource Center, which contains the following digital resources: * Lesson Plans * Module PowerPoints * Performance Profile Sheet

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9th December 2016



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