Governing America's Urban Areas by Alan L. Saltzstein


Governing America's Urban Areas by Alan L. Saltzstein

GOVERNING AMERICA'S URBAN AREAS offers students a detailed understanding of the structures and political processes intrinsic to metropolitan government. Focusing on the problems and promises of coordinated metropolitan governance, Alan Saltzstein demonstrates that American cities--which need strong government--are often governed in reality by a variety of weak institutions and forces. This theme is woven throughout the text, giving students a common framework within which to understand such fundamental social science concepts as power, efficiency, violence, representation, and organizational structure.


1. The Paradox of Urban Governance. Why Do Our Cities Fail? Why Urban Areas Need More Government. Small Towns and Urban Government. How Our Urban Areas respond to the Need for Government. 2. The Social and Economic Structure of American Cities. The Walking City. The Industrial City, 1880-1920. The Suburban City, 1950-1970. A Cacophony of Change; The American City 1970-2000. 3. Conflicting Theories of American Urban Government. The Founding Fathers and Urban Government. The Practice of Government in the Age of Industrialization. American Urban Government: A Conflict of Ideas. 4. Organizing the Government of Today. The Progressive Movement and the Evils of the Machine. Changing Structures of Government. Reform Governments: Have They Made a Difference. Analyzing City Government. Progressive Government: An Assessment. 5.The Making and Unmaking of Federal Urban Policy. An Urban Policy. What Should It Be? The Organization of Government and Urban Policy. How the Federal Government Influences Urban Matters. The Rise and Fall of Federal Urban Policy.Conclusion: The Federal Government and the Paradox. 6. Power and Leadership in the American City. What We Know Abut Power in American Cities. Examining Big City Power. Power in the American City: Summary and Conclusions. Power in the Twentieth First Century: A Brief Look at Three Big City Mayors. 7. Urban Riots and Urban Policy. Riots and Rebellions: A Brief History of Urban Unrest. Analyzing Urban Riots. The Los Angeles Riots of 1992: Rebellion, Profit or Bad Management? Conclusion: What Do We Know About Urban Riots? 8. Can Citizens Control Urban governance: The Elusive Search for Social Capital. Social Capital: The Condition and the Problem. Approaches to Expanding Community Involvement. Conclusion: The Search for Social Capital. 9. The Governance of Metropolitan Regions. The Rise of Suburbia and the Fragmented City. Government Fragmentation: Is it a Problem? Approaches to an Improved Metropolitan Organization of Governments.The Practice of Modern Regional Governance. Conclusions: Preserving Our Rights and Protecting . Our Regions. 10. Resolving the Paradox of Urban Governance . How Did These Conditions Come About? How is the Paradox Resolved? Bold Approaches to the Problems of American Cities.

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Alan L. Saltzstein
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1st September 2002



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