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Oxford Assessment and Levelling Guide for Reading by

Oxford Assessment and Levelling Guide for Reading brings together a new improved version of Oxford's trusted book grading system with the Oxford Ros Wilson Reading Criterion Scale to provide first-class assessment and perfectly matched resources. The aim of this guide is to help you ensure that all of your children develop their full potential as readers. This guide will help you to assess every child's reading development to get a good understanding of where they are and what they need to do next. It contains the Oxford Ros Wilson Reading Criterion Scale, a detailed spine of reading skills which helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every child and where to focus your teaching next. This guide will help you to find exactly the right books for individual children and groups of children to read, matched to their reading development. Oxford Levels have been linked to the Oxford Ros Wilson Reading Criterion Scale, so you can easily find the right book for every child's reading level. The guide provides a comprehensive picture of what children can do and what books are like at each Oxford Level.

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9th January 2014



It is fantastic, you get to read lots of books and you always find something new and amazing in them.

Erica Motoc, age 7

You give me age appropriate ideas of books I can read and buy for the children and find out what other children their age think of them too.

Katie Lonsdale

I love ‘LoveReading 4 kids’ because they let you read and learn things you’d never dreamed of learning before.

Emily Horncastle – age 11

Writing reviews help the children with their literacy skills and we always read the books together which gives us good quality family time!

Cat Bisland (on behalf of the Bi

We love Lovereading4kids because it promotes reading choices, new authors and a sense of community for children of all ages!

Rachel Bridgeman

Lovereading is just a convenient way to find new books and hear others opinions on them.

Sarah Murray – age 15

LoveReading4Kids is a modern and creative way of emphasising the value and importance of books in this digital age #booksforlife

Amrit Bunet – Teen

It’s a community united by a passion for books and promoting the best there is in children’s literature.

Sam Bateman and family

Lovereading 4 schools