Young People's Images of Science by Rosalind Driver, John Leach, Robin Millar, Phil Scott


Young People's Images of Science by Rosalind Driver, John Leach, Robin Millar, Phil Scott

* What ideas about science do school students form as a result of their experiences in and out of school? * How might science teaching in schools develop a more scientifically-literate society? * How do school students understand disputes about scientific issues including those which have social significance, such as the irradiation of food? There have been calls in the UK and elsewhere for a greater public understanding of science underpinned by, amongst other things, school science education. However, the relationship between school science, scientific literacy and the public understanding of science remains controversial. In this book, the authors argue that an understanding of science goes beyond learning the facts, laws and theories of science and that it involves understanding the nature of scientific knowledge itself and the relationships between science and society. Results of a major study into the understanding of these issues by school students aged 9 to 16 are described. These results suggest that the success of the school science curriculum in promoting this kind of understanding is at best limited. The book concludes by discussing ways in which the school science curriculum could be adapted to better equip students as future citizens in our modern scientific and technological society. It will be particularly relevant to science teachers, advisers and inspectors, teacher educators and curriculum planners.


"The book is well laid out, carefully planned and argued at every stage, with excellent clear headings and summaries...This is avolume which should find its way into the resource library of every science teaching department." - Institute of Physics Journal "...essential reading for anyone serious about improving the practice of science education." - Journal of Biological Education " informative, thought-provoking and very important read." - School Science Review "...a significant and stimulating book. It has relevant messages for scienceteachers, teacher educators and curriculum planners. Read it - you will enjoy the experience." - New Era in Education " presents well researched arguments thatwe should all consider for developing a more scientifically-literate society."- Education In The North "...a goodexample of pedagogic science." - British Journal of Educational Psychology

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The Authors Rosalind Driver is Professor of Science Education at King's College, London. She has a long-standing research interest in the ways that young people learn science in formal and informal educational settings. She is author of The Pupil as Scientist? and co-author of Childrens' Ideas in Science. Before working at the University of Leeds, John Leach was in charge of chemistry in a local high school. His research interest focus upon the role of epistemology in the development of conceptual understanding in science and the role of school science in promoting scientific literacy. He is also involved in the training of science teachers. Robin Millar is Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies at the University of York, where he is involved in the initial and in-service education of science teachers and in curriculum development. His principal interests are students' understanding of science concepts and procedures and the public understanding of science. Phil Scott is a Lecturer in Science Education at the University of Leeds and pursues research interests relating to teaching and learning science concepts at high school level.

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192 pages


Rosalind Driver, John Leach, Robin Millar, Phil Scott
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1st January 1996



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