The Very Important Idea by Emma Dodson


The Very Important Idea by Emma Dodson

From the creator of Badly Drawn Dog, this amusing picture book tells the story of a rat and a cat, and explores the nature of ideas. Where do they come from and how are they rated? A good idea for a cat is not necessarily the same thing as a good idea for a Rat discovers not long after being employed by Mr Fat Cat.


In this humorous tale we learn that a good idea for a cat may not be qutie the same as a good thing for a Rat... A great cat and rat book, a wonderful way of exploring the nature of ideas. -- Child Education REVIEWS ON EMMA'S FIRST BOOK: BADLY DRAWN DOG:Witty and clever celebration of individuality and art. -- Bournemouth Daily Echo ...a story with a moral - lightly drawn, like the dog himself. -- Child Education A funny and highly original debut picture book from a brand new talent -- Reading Eve Post ...a really original picture book...

's extreme makeovers. Witty and winsome. -- Kirkus Reviews - New York There's at least one good giggle on every page for youngsters, and the artist's cheeky portraits of Warhol dogs, Klee dogs and primitive Rousseau dogs in the jungle will entertain adults. The dog masterpieces and sketchy canine hero demonstrate wit and charm. -- Publishers Weekly But does Badly Drawn Dog just want to blend into the crowd? As all good friends should Doodle Poodle points out that being true to yourself is what counts... Background references to other art styles provide a creative context for this affirmative story about self-belief. -- Julia Eccleshare Dodson's book playfully adresses the anomalies of two dimensional pictorial representation while at the same time revisiting the well-worn theme of envy, dissatisfaction and 'you were better off as you were in the first place if you'd only appreciated what you had.'

... -- Books for Keeps Witty, friendly and brightly coloured, this is highly recommended, especially for children who love drawing and painting themselves. -- Nicholas Tucker, Carousel A delightful story...As well as being great fun, the strory provides a very refreshing approach to character description, lively ideas for children's own writing, and opportunities to look at unusual letter strings. -- Child Education ... a hip book which highlights the dangers of corporate life. When an eager rat joins Mr Fat Cat's Corporation, he has all sorts of good ideas. But it is clear that his boxx has only one thing on his mind - a tasty rodent dinner. -- Daily Mail This book has much to commend it. The illustrations are large and full of amusing detail... -- Books for Keeps

About the Author

Emma studied Illustration at University of Westminster. Since graduating she has had cards and gift wrap published and she has worked as a freelance painter and prop maker for all sorts of films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Borrowers and Five Children and It. Some of the most peculiar things she has been asked to make include a baboon's bottom, some dog's lips, slug eyebrows, edible eyeballs, inflatable souffles and exploding chewing gum. Emma also works teaches Illustration and Animation as a visiting lecturer at University of Westminster.

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32 pages


Emma Dodson
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Hodder Children's Books an imprint of Hachette Children's Books

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19th April 2007



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