Giants! by Mij Kelly


Giants! by Mij Kelly

Sweet Pea and Boogaloo are walking and talking through the forest one day. When Swea Pea stops and suddenly asks: 'Giants! Do they look like you and me? Except bigger?' And so begins a discussion about what giants are...until Boogaloo discovers that giants are not at all how he has imagined them! An original and timely story about the nature of stereoptyes and jumping to conclusions.


Giants, it turns out, are not so different from us after all - a twist that will give three-to-five-year-olds something to ponder. Maland's distinctive illustrations are a treat too. FT Magazine And this is a tale of prejudice and how stressful the whole blasted business of judgementalism is. Never too early to drill a little open-mindedness into your fledgling dictators, especially if the verse isn't of the cringe-inducing variety. I mean, this actually scans. And the message is as succinct as its attractive illustrations. The Bookseller Crow, Families Magazine In a day and age when so many people are judged not by what they do but by what they look like and so many other factors over which they have no control, this is a timely look at the danger of jumping to conclusions. It's a gentle story and the message is delivered with a light touch and some humour. The story is great fun to read aloud (lots of it even scans rather well) and to share with a child because Nick Maland's wonderful illustrations mean that you're aware throughout the book that a giant is never that far away - it's rather like those Look behind you! moments at the pantomime. Sometimes you see a hand, sometimes a foot or a face. Sweet Pea is obviously more aware that things are not quite as they seem but Boogaloo is oblivious. To his credit he does his best to make amends once he realises that he was in the wrong - another useful lesson delivered without preaching. The Bookbag An unusual and thought-provoking book which gently introduces the youngest readers to the dangers of prejudice. Northern Echo This is a great book to address the issue of prejudice and how we can all be the same and different in so many ways. And children will love the repetitive rhythmic text and cross-hatched illustrations in muted tones, reminiscent of Wher the Wild Things Are. Thought provoking and with a twist a the end, this was a charming story to read aloud. Child Education Plus

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Mij Kelly

Mij Kelly was born in Scotland but spent her early childhood in India. She studied English at York University, Publishing Studies at Stirling University and has had lots of different jobs from cleaning and lexicography, to collecting oral histories, and journalsim.
For the past few years she's enjoyed staying home and making up stories. Mij lives in York with her son Frankie, dog Otis and boyfriend Dan.

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32 pages


Mij Kelly
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Hodder Children's Books an imprint of Hachette Children's Group

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3rd July 2008



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