Interactive AS Core Mathematics Activities and Questions for the Interactive Whiteboard by Tom Button

Interactive AS Core Mathematics Activities and Questions for the Interactive Whiteboard

Written by Tom Button
Illustrated by


Interactive AS Core Mathematics Activities and Questions for the Interactive Whiteboard by Tom Button

This CD provides teachers with a versatile tool for teaching the concepts needed for the Core (C1 and C2) modules for all the major examination boards and specifications, so can be used by all AS maths teachers. There is a matching chart showing clearly where each topic is covered, so it will be easy for teachers to integrate their use into thier existing schemes of work. Although designed for use on an interactive whiteboard, these animations can be viewed using a projector or even on an individual PC, and so they can be used even with the minimum of equipment and resources. The animations can be used as a quick reminder at the start of the lesson, or as consolidation at the end of the lesson. However, if teachers want to use an animation as the focus of a lesson there is plenty of white space around the image to allow teachers to annotate the examples. Each animation has a 'Help' button with simple instructions, making the software very straightforward to use. Each animation also has a Why/' button explaining the maths behind the concepts - useful for teachers who are new to teaching that topic, but also provides students with added help if they wish to use the software as a revision tool. The animations are controlled by the IWB pen (or mouse-clicks) so are very easy to use in a classroom situtaion. Each question, graph, and diagram can be reset to give a different set of values, generating millions of different quetsions and examples, so teachers will never again be short of extra questions.

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Tom Button
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31st August 2007



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