Every Second Friday by Kiri Lightfoot, Ben Galbraith


Every Second Friday by Kiri Lightfoot, Ben Galbraith

Every second Friday, Margi and Totty go and stay at Dads house where they get magnificently muddy, worryingly wet and mind-blowingly messy. But they always have fun!


A joy to read aloud The Book Bag Every Second Friday is a light-hearted and reassuring look at the way in which one family copes with this situation. It's based on Kiri Lightfoot's own childhood experiences when her parents separated. I doubt that the book would have a wider appeal - and might even be slightly worrying to some children - but for any child who is in this situation this could be just the reassurance that they need. Their parents will still love them and they will still be able to have fun with both of them. The text is wonderfully easy to read - and a joy to read aloud. Illustrations by Ben Galbraith are quirky and fun - there's plenty to see on each page and you'll find something new every time you look at a page. The Bookbag A lively, modern story School Librarian ON THE THREE FISHING BROTHERS GRUFF: It has a strong ecological message. With striking collage artwork and die-cut portholes, this is an impressive first book by a New Zealand-based author and artist. The Children's Bookseller With its striking collage, peep-through pages, wit and sound ecological message about greed, pollution and over-fishing, Ben Galbraith's The Fishing Brothers Gruff is a handsome action adventure for 4-7s in which a minke whale takes on three villainous despoilers of the sea and their big machinery. Nicolette Jones in The Sunday Times ...a sound ecological tale of overfishing. Superbly illustrated, this story from New Zealand is timely. It combines an important message with a cracking story. Carousel Having both local and international appeal The Fishing Brothers Gruff is an impressive, if not flawless, debut, promising much and, for the most part, delivering. Mapgies witty and intelligent... a very topical story with a satisfying ending that will give young readers plenty to think about. New Zealand Herald compelling... setting and characterisation... Visually the book impresses... Irish Times ...unusual and distinctive picture book... the Three Fishing Brothers Gruff is in a league of its own. The story line is engaging, the illustrations sutnning, there is a thought-provoking message at its centre... www.adoption-net.co.uk Working very much in the vein of Lane Smith, Galbraith produces a book both visually hip and handsome. Publishers Weekly A fun-packed story... any kiddie would enjoy. Bournemouth Daily Echo

About the Author

Kiri Lightfoot was born in 1980 in the UK and now lives in a tree house in Auckland, New Zealand - well a house surrounded by trees anyway. She lives there with her fiance Gareth and her 1 year old daughter Sylvie. As a child Kiri wanted to be weather girl on the news. While this dream hasn't come true (and probably never will) many of her other ones have. She has always wanted to have a children's book published. Kiri has had a love of books since her father used to read a story in a different accent every night before bed. From Scottish to Indian, Irish, American, Australian - she never knew what to expect. As a student Kiri used to love part time babysitting work, not for the money but so she could sit and read all the kids books on the shelf. Every Second Friday is Kiri's first book and one she is very proud of. It is based on her own childhood having time with her Dad after her parents separated. Ben Galbraith was born in a small town called Gisborne on the East Coast of New Zealand in 1980. After High School, Ben left beach life to go to Design School in Wellington majoring in Illustration. After graduation, he moved back to Gisborne where he lives with his mother and brother. Now he works at a Printing House as a Graphic Designer, whilst working freelance on his illustration career. He likes scanning textures into the computer to use in his artwork. At Design school, he got into trouble for scanning real, smelly dead fish! Other unusual facts include the fact that Ben is colour blind! All his drawings from when he was a child have purple skies and all self potraits have green freckles! Ben loves the ocean and as well as being a mad keen surfer he is also fascinated by fish!

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32 pages


Kiri Lightfoot, Ben Galbraith
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Hodder Children's Books an imprint of Hachette Children's Group

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17th September 2009



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