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OCR GCSE Modern World History by Ben Walsh

OCR GCSE Modern World History

Ben Walsh

Part of the History In Focus Series


OCR GCSE Modern World History by Ben Walsh

Provide complete support for your GCSE Modern World History candidates with best-selling books and digital resources from an author you can really trust.An OCR specific edition of the best selling textbook for GCSE Modern World History. It comprehensively covers the OCR specification and provides a winning combination that will meet the needs of all students.- clear, engaging and provocative author text which brings the period to life and summarises complicated history clearly without being simplistic - Focus Tasks which steadily deepen students' understanding of the content (exactly targeting each focus point of the specification) while progressively building their history skills - original and relevant source material - written and visual - all of which is used for historical investigation not just for illustration - state-of-the-art ICT support in the form of a Dynamic Learning online resource from an author who leads the field in developing the use of ICT to help refine students historical thinking - authoritative interpretation of the OCR specification by an experienced trainer - associated Teacher's Resource Book and Revision Guide also available In its first and second editions this book has provided students with what they need to achieve top grades; and provided teachers with what they need to teach a rewarding and worthwhile course. A winning combination - don't settle for less. Contents:SECTION 1 - OCR PAPER 1 CORE CONTENT: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, 1919-2005Part 1: The Inter-War Years, 1919-39- Were the peace treaties of 1919-23 fair?- To what extent was the League of Nations a success?- Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?Part 2: The Cold War, 1945-75- Who was to blame for the Cold War?- Who won the Cuban Missile Crisis?- Why did the USA fail in Vietnam?Part 3: A New World? 1948-2005- How secure was the USSR's control over eastern Europe, 1948-89?- How effective has terrorism been since 1969?- What is the significance of the Iraq War?Exam FocusSECTION 2 - OCR PAPER 1 DEPTH STUDIES- Causes and events of the First World War, 1890-1918- Germany, 1918-45- Russia, 1905-41- The USA, 1919-41Exam FocusSECTION 3 - OCR PAPER 2 BRITISH DEPTH STUDIES- How was British society changed, 1890-1918?- How far did British society change, 1939-75?Exam Focus


This is an outstanding book, which contains excellent detailed text with a really good range of sources around each subject area which are useful in both class and for homework. * Amazon Reviewer *

About the Author

Ben Walsh is an experienced GCSE history teacher, a best-selling author and a celebrated expert in the use of digital technology in history teaching. As well as writing best selling books for GCSE Modern World History he has been the key developer of the highly praised Learning Curve online exhibitions for the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) and he has blazed a trail in the use of digital video archives in the teaching of GCSE history winning a 2008 BETT award.

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Ben Walsh
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1st January 2009



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