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Red Giant offers children a structured experience of a full range of fiction and non-fiction texts; it provides specific coverage of the NLS range requirements at each year and term of Key Stage 1. Its revisiting structure reflects the fact that texts with sufficient depth can offer teaching opportunities at more than one level. At Reception and Year 1 each book is revisited in the subsequent year. At Year 2 the text is revisited in the same year and term as an optional and more advanced continuation of the first visit. Just as in the first visit to the book, the revisit is linked to a specific year, termly range requirement and corresponding teaching objectives. For every single Big Book there is a corresponding Teachers' Guide, which contains two 5-day lesson plans; one for the first visit to the book, and one for the second. The lessons are constructed to deliver a range of teaching objectives and take the form of a literacy hour. The Teaching notes show how writing skills should develop out of shared reading. The 5-day lesson unit moves from reading through to writing, using the text as a model so that children are helped to integrate the skills of reading and writing. These skills are then consolidated during independent work. In addition, Red Giant can also be used alongside the Developing Early Writing initiative and delivering the Early Literacy Support programme Independent group activities are suggested for every lesson. Some of the group activities are supported by photocopiable worksheets.

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31st October 2002



I love lovereading4kids because I’ve read amazing books I would never have picked up, and its opened doors to new genre’s I now love.

Harriet Cunningham

Lovereading4kids is great, we get books really early never late. We love to read and review, and think you would like it too. The excitement

Jasmine Harris-Hart, age 12

This company is amazing; not only is it is a great opportunity to get books and review them but everyone is so friendly and supportive!

Jemma Rubens, age 10

LoveReading4Kids is a modern and creative way of emphasising the value and importance of books in this digital age #booksforlife

Amrit Bunet – Teen

A great way to introduce kids to great books, authors & genres. Parents can find age-appropriate books to share with their children.

Judi Davies – Aberdare Girls Sch

It’s a community united by a passion for books and promoting the best there is in children’s literature.

Sam Bateman and family

It is fantastic, you get to read lots of books and you always find something new and amazing in them.

Erica Motoc, age 7

We love Lovereading as my 5 year old loves to read new books before anyone else has a chance, she says it makes reading exciting!

Tracey Chorley

Lovereading 4 schools