Heinemann English Readers Elementary Fiction Pack by Celia Warren, Anthony Masters


Heinemann English Readers Elementary Fiction Pack by Celia Warren, Anthony Masters

This HER Elementary Fiction pack contains 10 books: 1. DINOSAUR WHODUNNIT? The world's largest dinosaur egg has been stolen from the museum! As you read Dinosaur Whodunnit? look for clues to help you solve the mystery. 2. THE COWARDLY CAPTAIN A humorous play about pirates on the high seas. 3. ROBERT'S ROBOT Robert begins a new craze when he begins to make a robot car. All he needs to finish it is the last issue of the robot magazine, but everywhere seems to be sold out...4. THE FLYING HEAD The Flying Head is hungry and wants to eat the woman. The woman has to use all her wits to escape from the monster. What trick does she play on it? 5. THE DANGEROUS PLANET Two aliens have crashed their uncle's spacecraft on earth. Will they escape from this dangerous planet? 6. TYLER'S SMILE 'Smilier Tyler' has moved to the country and isn't happy - she hates the sheep, mud and rain. But then one day the rain causes some mischief of its own...7. ROLLER COASTER Will Pete be brave enough to ride the roller coaster in the middle of a thunder storm? 8. THE BEAST UNDER MY BED The humorous story of a girl with a vivid imagination. 9. DISASTER AT THE ZOO Find out how animals can sometimes save people's lives in Disaster at the Zoo. 10. THE SMELL OF ALMOND COOKIES A story of greed and justice. This gentle tale from China shows how powerful the sense of smell can be.

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Celia Warren, Anthony Masters
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20th July 2006



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