Heinemann English Readers Elementary Non-Fiction Pack by Angela Royston, Chris Oxlade, Gareth Coleman


Heinemann English Readers Elementary Non-Fiction Pack by Angela Royston, Chris Oxlade, Gareth Coleman

This HER Elementary Non-Fiction pack contains 10 books: 1. JANE GOODALL - LIVING WITH THE CHIMPANZEES Find out what happened with Jane Goodall went to Africa to live with the chimpanzees. 2. BENGAL TIGER Why is the bengal tiger in danger? How many are still alive today? Find out how we can help to save this rare animal. 3. RIVERS This book will tell you everything you need to know about rivers. 4. PULLEYS Read Pulleys to find out how we use these simple machines - from tiny flag-pole pulleys to giant cranes. 5. DIARY OF A SURF FREAK One boy's account of how he discovered surfing. 6. LIFE IN AN EGYPTIAN TOWN Where did the ancient Egyptians eat? What were their houses like? Find out this and much more in Life in an Egyptian Town. 7. FORESTS What is a rainforest? Why to people cut down trees? Read this book to find out all about forests. 8. THE HOW, WHAT AND WHY OF MAMMALS Find out what the biggest whale has in common with the tiniest mouse. This book will tell you all you need to know about mammals. 9. THE STORY OF JEANS Everything you need to know about Jeans! 10. GET THE MESSAGE This book explores all the ways we communicate with each other now and in the past, from mobile phones to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

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Angela Royston, Chris Oxlade, Gareth Coleman
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20th July 2006



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