Pobblebonk Reading 1.6 My Family by Dianne Bates


Pobblebonk Reading 1.6 My Family by Dianne Bates

Pobblebonk Readings is a set of shared reading materials for the early years that encourage children to read and repeat words along with the teacher and that lead to independent reading. It sets out to provide a series of interesting reading materials that incorporates the phonic principles in high-interest texts with a good balance of non-fiction, fiction and real-life contexts. Special care is taken to accommodate the needs and interests of reluctant readers, particularly boys. The series seeks to ensure success in reading and writing in the critical early years through the explicit teaching of phonics while using authentic, meaningful materials. Pobblebonk Reading has 10 modules of texts. Each module has 10 books of varying page extents ranging from 8 to 16 pages. Overall, there is a gradual increase in the complexity of the texts across the modules.

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Dianne Bates
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11th February 2008



LoveReading4Kids is a modern and creative way of emphasising the value and importance of books in this digital age #booksforlife

Amrit Bunet – Teen

You give me age appropriate ideas of books I can read and buy for the children and find out what other children their age think of them too.

Katie Lonsdale

It has introduced my children to books we hadn’t come across before. Real children’s reviews gives a great insight into what others think to

Lorraine Woods

Writing reviews help the children with their literacy skills and we always read the books together which gives us good quality family time!

Cat Bisland (on behalf of the Bi

It’s so easy to find the right book for your child. Such an easy-to-use, yet in-depth website. 100% reliable.

Pippa, Jack, Liam & Matthew Wils

It’s really exciting to read and review new books, thrilling to see my reviews online and I love finding the final published copies on sale.

Sam Harper – age 10

Love “Lovereading4kids” as my son gets to hear about & read new books before his mates which keeps him interested in reading=a very happy Mum

Liz Evans

Lovereading4kids is great, we get books really early never late. We love to read and review, and think you would like it too. The excitement

Jasmine Harris-Hart, age 12

Lovereading 4 schools