Learning with Computers by Diana M. Trabel, Jack Hoggatt


Learning with Computers by Diana M. Trabel, Jack Hoggatt

South-Western's Learning With Computers Levels K-5 is a series of project-based keyboarding books that teach and reinforce computer application skills to elementary students. This series covers the computer literacy skills established by the National Educational Technology Standards or NETS. Students learn to use a word processor, the Internet, graphics and presentation, spreadsheet, and database software while integrating core-curriculum skills of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Additional cross-curricular activities to reinforce the computer skills taught are available at the end of each of the projects. Learning with Computers Level K teaches computer awareness skills. Students are introduced to the software applications and learn how the programs can be used to accomplish simple tasks. Awareness skills introduced include: parts of the computer, correct posture at the keyboard, demonstration of proper disk use and care, how to use a mouse, and more. This 128 page text is softcover, top spiral, and has an easel back. It is a standalone product that also supports Bernie's Typing Travels Keyboarding software.


Project 1 - All About Computers - Computer Basics - Learn the parts of a computer; Learn how to use disks and CD-ROMs; Learn computer manners Side Trips: Language Arts, Music Project 2 - Jess's Desktop - Computer Basics - Sit correctly at the computer; Learn about icons; Use the mouse; Learn about windows Side Trips: Music, Art Project 3 - Ship Shape - Graphics and Multimedia - Make a new file; Name and save a file; Draw shapes; Print a file; Close a file Side Trips: Math Project 4 - A Plan for Plants - Graphics and Multimedia - Open and save a file; Draw lines; Add color Side Trips: Science, Art Project 5 - Big Deal! - Graphics and Multimedia - Name a file; Save a file; Add pictures; Change the size of pictures Side Trips: Language Arts Project 6 - Count and Color - Graphics and Mulitmedia - open a file; Use draw tools; Add color; Use the Copy button; Use the Paste button Side Trips: Math Project 7 - Seasons - Word Processing - Open a file; Use the Enter or Return key; Use the Space Bar; Use the arrow keys; Print a file Side Trops: Science, Language Arts Project 8 - A Bold Little Spider - Word Processing - Open a file; Use the Bold button; Use the Underline button; Use the Italic button Side Trips: Science, Language Arts Project 9 - An ABC Book - Word Processing - Open a file; Change the size of words; Change the color of words Side Trips: Language Arts Project 10 - Community Helpers - Word Processing - Open a program; Use the Backspace key Side Trips: Art, Social Studies Project 11 - Hickory, Dickory, Dock - Word Processing - Open a file; Center words; Change words Side Trips: Math, Language Arts Project 12 - Internet ABCs - Internet - Visit a Web site; Use the Internet toolbar Side Trips: Social Studies, Art Project 13 - Colorful Votes! - Spreadsheet - Learn about spreadsheets; Use the arrow keys; Move to cells Side Trips: Socials Studies, Math Project 14 - Counting Cookies - Spreadsheet - Learn about spreadsheets; Use the arrow keys; Add numbers to a spreadsheet Side Trips: Math Project 15 - Animal Homes - Database - Learn about databases; Use the Tab key; Look at fields; Look at records Side Trips: Science, Language Arts Project 16 - Happy Birthday - Database - learn about databases; Use the Tab key; Look at fields; Look at records Side Trips: Math Glossary

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Diana Trabel has been actively involved in elementary education and computer education for more than 25 years. After ten years as an elementary classroom teacher, she brought her classroom experience to curriculum development at Thomson South-Western. Currently she is an author and consultant. Diana Trabel co-authored South-Western's Learning with Computers texts for Levels K-5. Dr. Jack P. Hoggatt is Department Chair for the Department of Business Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He has taught courses in Business Writing, Advanced Business Communications, and the communication component of the university's Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. Dr. Hoggatt has held offices in professional organizations and has been received the Outstanding Post-Secondary Business Educator Award in Wisconsin. He has served as an advisor to local and state business organizations.

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Diana M. Trabel, Jack Hoggatt
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27th July 2003



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