Eloise Takes a Bawth by Kay Thompson


Eloise Takes a Bawth by Kay Thompson

While Nanny dear unsuspectingly watches her soap opera, and Mr Salomone, the Plaza's manager, prepares for the charity event of the year, a Masked Venetian Ball, Eloise takes a bawth. She bolts the bathroom door with a backbrush and turns on every faucet and tap in sight and begins her willful water mischief in a glamorous fantasy bath world complete with Skipperdee and Weenie to boot. SLAWSH! The Plaza has flooded! The Grand Ball Room is in pandemonium! Who? Who? Who is the culprit? Mr Salomone and the Plaza head engineer follow the flow of water and discover that the trouble began with a certain precocious little girl up on the very top floor - none other than our very own favourite Eloise, who of course, as only she can, manages to turn the catastrophe into a fantastic sensation and be crowned Little mermaid of the Masked Venntian Ball. Belissimo!


Eloise is something of an institution in the United States, but although Eloise Takes a Bawth was planned in 1964 it was never completed. In 2001 Kay Thompson's heirs decided that it should finally be published and so Hilary Knight drew the illustrations from his 40-year-old sketches and Mart Crowley pieced together Thompson's drafts of the text. Eloise is a spritely six-year-old who lives a grand life at the Plaza Hotel, New York, with her British nanny. The hotel is buzzing with preparations for its Venetian Masked Ball when Eloise decides to take a 'bawth

's accent!). We join her on an imaginative adventure as one minute she is racing in a speedboat, then she is a pirate and the next minute she is Little Miss Mermaid, all the while oblivious to the catastrophe unfolding downstairs. Thompson captures the essence of being six wonderfully, and needless to say all turns out well for Eloise as the ensuing flood merely adds to the spectacle of the Venetian Masked Ball. The comical illustrations, black and white with splashes of colour, work very well with a fast-paced text which much like Eloise herself hardly pauses for breath. The result is an engaging picture book which will be enjoyed by Eloise fans young and old. Ages 4-6 (Kirkus UK)'

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Kay Thompson

Kay Thompson is slender, sleek and unbelievably versatile. She is a dancer, a singer, a pianist, a composer, a choreographer, and now an author. As many thousands of Americans know, she created a night-club act that can only be described as indescribable. The critic from Variety tried to pin it down more concisely, "Her act is paced like a North Atlantic gale," he began bravely, but then threw in the sponge. "Miss Thompson is more than an act," he said finally. "She's an experience."

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64 pages
Interest Age: From 4


Kay Thompson
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Simon & Schuster Children's an imprint of Simon & Schuster

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4th November 2002



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