Britain 1783-1851 From Disaster to Triumph? by Charlotte Evers, Dave Welbourne


Britain 1783-1851 From Disaster to Triumph? by Charlotte Evers, Dave Welbourne

SHP Advanced History Core Texts are the Schools History Project's acclaimed new books for A level History. These books apply SHP's two decades of curriculum development experience to the challenge of helping students make the leap from GCSE to A level. They offer: - clear and penetrating narrative - comprehensively explaining the content required for examination success - thought provoking and relevant activities that explore the content and help students think analytically about the subject - thorough exam preparation through carefully designed tasks that address the distinctive requirements of A Level history - a wide range of revision strategies including structured content summaries Additional features include: - A focus route pathway for independent learners - Learning Trouble Spots - which address common misunderstandings - diagrammatic summaries of key areas of content and historical issues - accessible summaries of recent historical debates. Britain 1783-1851 is a comprehensive core text which investigates the history of Britain from the time of the French Revolution to the time of the Great Exhibition in 1851. It is the first in a pair of books which together should give unrivalled coverage of 19th-century British history. This text offers students a deep insight into how British political leaders dealt with the fall out from the French Revolution and the revolutionary wars that followed it. It examines the pressures for reform in Britain and the way successive governments handled the demands of different pressure groups. It investigates the on-going historiographical debate about this period and the current reinterpretations of the period. It provides thorough exam preparation and also strikes new ground by including an extensive range of students' helps to bridge the conceptual and skills gap between GCSE and A level. It aims to provide a rich and varied course, at one extreme offering practical guidance and help in essay writing and revision, while at the other offering decision-making exercises and source-based investigations, which give students a real flavour of the period.

About the Author

Charlotte Evers is a History adviser and an inspector based in Leeds; Dave Welbourne is Head of History in a Leeds comprehensive school. Ian Dawson (Series Editor) is a former Director of the Schools History Project, and a leading A level author in his own right.

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272 pages


Charlotte Evers, Dave Welbourne
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Hodder Murray an imprint of Hodder Education

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31st July 2003



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