Thinking Through Science 1 Pupil's Book Pupil's Book by Arthur Cheney, Howard Flavell, Chris Harrison, George Hurst


Thinking Through Science 1 Pupil's Book Pupil's Book by Arthur Cheney, Howard Flavell, Chris Harrison, George Hurst

This course for Key Stage 3 Science brings together proven approaches to the development of pupil's thinking skills and the requirements of the National Curriculum for Science. Pupils should learn to think about their thinking whilst developing their knowledge and understanding of science within the context of the QCA Scheme of Work, which includes thinking skills. The order in which specific skills are introduced is based on many years' research into pupils' cognitive development.;This course arises directly from the CASE project and aims to cultivate a thinking skills approach to science. Those already involved with CASE should easily be able to use this course to approach the science curriculum through cognitive acceleration methods. For teachers unfamiliar with the CASE approach it should provide an integrated route into developing the thinking skills of their pupils.


Rather than reworking the efforts of yesteryear, Arthur Cheney and his co-authors have produced a KS3 course with a difference. Thinking Through Science is a textbook, a teacher's handbook and a set of worksheets that draw heavily on research evidence of effective approaches to science teaching. As the title implies, the CASE (Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education) project features strongly, with many activities that help stimulate and develop children's reasoning.The teacher's resource book alerts teachers to common pupil misconceptions, opportunities for formative assessment and links with literacy and numeracy. It is refreshing to see a handbook that attempts to elaborate on the ideas underpinning the learning activities. And as the authors believe good teaching is that which advances children's thinking, the exercises emphasise information processing, reasoning, creative thinking and evaluation...for those teachers who are tired of the double page spread (where design dictates content) and the mind-numbing, fill-in-the-gaps assessment exercises, this course will reinvigorate the parts that others have failed to reach. -- TES Teachers The pupil's book is bigger than most other courses offer for a similar price, with a lot of information as well as a wide variety of activities for pupils, including opportunities for literacy, numeracy and ICT.The teacher's book and CD-ROM together provide all that is needed to be able to meet the current requirements of the National Curriculum by using a bought-in scheme...It is refreshing that the short end-of-unit tests are there to check on pupils

.There are helpful examples showing how assessment for learning can be done throughout the course.These materials are worth considering by any school looking for a new key stage 3 course...whether already using the CASE strategy or not. For those using CASE, it also provides a lot of extension work and many examples for bridging. -- School Science Review The vividly illustrated books will be attractive to students of all abilities...A thought-provoking book. The novel approach makes it an excellent way of stretching students. -- TES Teacher

About the Author

Arthur Cheney is Head of Science, All Saints RC School, York. Howard Flavell is Curriculum Advisor for Science, Dudley LEA. Chris Harrison is a Science Lecturer at King's College, London, working in Initial Teacher Training, the Centre for Advancement of Thinking and King's Formative Assessment. George Hurst is Head of Science, The Grange School, Stourbridge. Carolyn Yates was one of the originators of CASE (along with Professor Michael Shayer and Professor Philip Adey). She has edited the new edition of CASE materials and has set up national cognitive acceleration training programmes in England, Scotland, Wales and overseas. All the authors are established CASE trainers.

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256 pages


Arthur Cheney, Howard Flavell, Chris Harrison, George Hurst
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Hodder Murray an imprint of Hodder Education

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24th April 2002



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