The Archaeology Education Handbook Sharing the Past with Kids by Karolyn E. Smardz, Shelley J. Smith

The Archaeology Education Handbook Sharing the Past with Kids

Written by Karolyn E. Smardz, Shelley J. Smith
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Part of the Society for American Archaeology Series


The Archaeology Education Handbook Sharing the Past with Kids by Karolyn E. Smardz, Shelley J. Smith

This innovative guidebook introduces archaeologists to the complexities and possibilities of educating children in archaeology. The book explains the culture of the educational system, discusses the interface between education and archaeology, forewarns of sensitive and inflammatory issues, and provides real-world examples of a variety of successful archaeology education programs. Throughout, the emphasis is on exemplary programming that meets the needs of students, educators and archaeologists in a realistic, achievable manner.


I have done my share of guest lecturing to K-12 students... If I had had access to the Handbook, I would have been far more effective. Any archaeologist who wants to be involved in such ventures can discover how to get started and what to do along the way, whether it be for a single lecture or a year-long course...For those archaeologists already convinced that public archaeology is a vital part of the discipline (regardless of nonrewards), this is a valuable book. If you are not convinced, read Sabloff first and then read the relevant parts of the Handbook to find out How To Do It. -- Patricia C. Rice, (West Virginia University) Journal of Anthropological Research The Archaeology Education Handbook is the first of its kind to address how archaeology can be presented practically and effectively to a K-12 audience of teachers and students. The editors of this well-written and readable volume have chosen a group of talented and dedicated archaeology and outreach educators to describe what one needs to know to become a successful archaeology educator, including mistakes to avoid... Archaeologists entering the realm of archaeology education will gain valuable information and confidence by reading this highly informative and engaging book. -- P. Ann Kaupp, Smithsonian Institution American Anthropologist As the reader will soon discover, there are many nonarchaeologist professionals including classroom teachers, museum educators, and land managers, who have become both the medium and the means of conveying the discipline of archaeology and relaying the message of stewardship and heritage education to K-12 learners...It is difficult to imagine how the contributors might have composed a more useful or definitive volume for archaeologists who may increasingly find themselves in the role of public educators...This volume is truly an indispensable resource for public archaeology educators and is destined to become the essential guide in this area for some time to come. -- Lynn M. Alex, Office of the State Archaeologist, Iowa City The Public Historian For many years, archaeologists working with the public schools have bemoaned the absence of published materials containing pracitical advice and guidance. With The Archaeology Education Handbook, we finally have a compensive sourcebook covering the essentials of working with children in the school cariculum. The Society for American Archaeology deserves special mention for their contribution and cooperation in publishing such a sourcebook. -- Robert Brooks, Faculty, Harvard Medical School and co-author, Raising Resilient Children American Antiquity, Vol. 67.4 (2002) The book raises issues that are relevant to any archaeologist...contains bits of wisdom and practical exercises anyone doing public archaeology must use... [the inclusion of] annotated lists of related reading material at the end of most chapters makes this book an invaluable reference manual. -- Teresa Trost The Midden, Vol. 34, No.2, 2002 This volume brings together as editors and authors some of the most committed and knowledgeable archaeologists who have been involved in efforts to include archaeological topics in the formal educational programs in elementary and high schools. The articles and commentary in this volume distill the expertise, insights, and recommendations of expert archaeological educators. -- From the Foreword by Francis P. McManamon, (Chief Archaeologist, National Park Service)

About the Author

Karolyn Smardz is currently doing her doctorate at the University of Waterloo on the history of race and slavery. She has devoted her career to public and educational archaeology, most often working on historic sites. In 1985, she and her colleague, Peter Hamalanien, founded the Archaeological Resource Center in Toronto, and she later developed public programs for the Institute for Minnesota Archaeology. Internationally noted as a public heritage consultant, speaker, and writer, Karolyn is especially concerned with the role archaeology education can play in developing intercultural tolerance and understanding in today's global village. She conducts research in underground railroad history. Shelley J. Smith has a B.A. from Pennsylvania State and an M.A. from Washington State University, both in anthropology. She is chief of the Environmental and Planning Branch in the Bureau of Land Management, Utah State office. Shelley directed the development of the Intrigue of the Past Archaeology Education program and has written numerous articles and papers on archaeology and environmental education. She is vice-chair of the Society for American Archaeology's Public Education Committee.

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450 pages


Karolyn E. Smardz, Shelley J. Smith
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Rowman & Littlefield

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29th March 2000



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