Run! by Farrukh Dhondy


Run! by Farrukh Dhondy

When Rashid Rashid's grandfather dies he leaves behind him his grandson with a major problem. Rashid does not exist in the eyes of the British Government. He has no passport and no legal argument to stay in Britain. His mother has gone to work abroad and he doesn't know where his father is. Rashid has no choice but to go on the run. Rashid's journey takes him through a complex and complicated society. A world with good people, and bad, and it is not always obvious which are which. A society full of conflict and concerns and people trying to make sense of the lives they live. In short, Rashid takes a journey across contemporary Britain and has some interesting conclusions to make by the end of his journey about the nature of good and bad, urban and rural, belonging and not belonging.


Farrukh Dhondy was International Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 for 14 years, before leaving to write full time. He is already the author of several highly acclaimed books for adults, and has written a vast range of essays and articles on a wide range of subjects. This astonishing novel is written for a teenage audience, but it will mesmerize its adult readers as well. The language is spare and unremitting - Dhondy pulls no punches in introducing his youthful audience to the hardships of life for a young runaway. Rashid Rashid is in a detention centre as the novel opens, and recounts the events leading up to his incarceration with a sardonic self-mockery which belies his tender years. After his mother's departure to Israel on a dancing tour, Rashid is left with only his doddering paternal grandfather for company. When Granddad dies unexpectedly, Rashid turns to the local mosque for support. But the sinister Abu the Beard and his fellow Muslims have their own plans for Rashid's flat, and soon arrange for Rashid to be taken into care. It isn't long before he is on the run from the Social Services, determined to be responsible for his own life and to track down his only known relative: Josh Rabbit, his mother's father. Rashid's quest brings him into contact with a host of shady characters who all seem determined to use him for their own ends. Das, his first saviour, soon involves him in his drug-peddling racket, but when the police catch up with him Rashid finds himself on the run again, this time with the 'ugly attractive

's adventures take him the length and breadth of the country; in Devon he picks up his first real clue to the whereabouts of his grandfather, while in Scotland he lands a job protecting a local farmer's crops from sabotage. Yet he retains his sang-froid and his droll sense of humour throughout, adapting to his constantly changing circumstances while never losing sight of his ultimate aim - to find his grandfather. This is a powerfully compelling novel about one young boy's fight to find the truth about his past and escape the clutches of the establishment; an exhilarating story in which survival depends on quick wits rather than brute force. (Kirkus UK)'

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Farrukh Dhondy lives in Gloucestershire where he works as a writer. Farrukh's earlier children's novel COME TO MECCA was published to wide spread acclaim.

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240 pages


Farrukh Dhondy
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6th May 2002



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