Crocodiles by Barbara Taylor


Crocodiles by Barbara Taylor

This book provides a fascinating investigation into one of the world's most ancient and deadly reptiles: the crocodile. Find out how crocodiles and alligators work, their different shapes and sizes, their teeth, senses and behaviour patterns, how they feed, hunt and breed. It is packed with over 200 stunning colour photographs from renowned wildlife photographers. Detailed cross-sections and diagrams reveal the complex inner working of a crocodilian's body. It is a lively and accessible reference, ideal for home and school use for 8 to 12 year-olds. It is a winner of the Key Stage 2 non-fiction category of the English Associations 4-11 awards for the best children's illustrated book. Nature Watch: Crocodiles investigates every aspect of crocodilian life, and the differences between alligators, gharials, crocodiles and caimans. It reveals the gentle, nurturing side of crocodilian nature, as well as their lethal hunting skills. Focus features zoom in on detailed aspects of crocodilian life, such as alligators mating or Nile crocodiles attacking prey. Myth boxes explore popular stories about crocodilians from all over the world and Did You Know? highlights provide quirky facts to amuse and amaze friends and family. With over 200 colour illustrations from top wildlife photographers, this is the perfect book to inspire 8 to 12 year-olds for school projects, home study, or just to learn for fun.

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Barbara Taylor has written more than 120 children's books and encyclopedias. She was previously Science Editor at London's Natural History Museum. She has won the American Association of Physics Science Award and the National Literacy Association Wow Award.

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64 pages


Barbara Taylor
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26th June 2009



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