Pattern Games by Ivan Moscovich


Pattern Games by Ivan Moscovich

The puzzle master is back. Ivan Moscovich continues the educational Mindgames series with two new puzzle and activity books for kids ages 8 and up. Following on the successful heels of PROBABILITY GAMES and NUMBER GAMES - together with over 470,000 copies in print - here are NETWORK GAMES and PATTERN GAMES, each featuring a three-dimensional, interactive puzzle on the cover, plus dozens of full-colour puzzles inside. NETWORK GAMES dwells in the world of connectivity. Think Internet, or a network of roads. Beginning with the cover's airline challenge, here are a variety of maze-like games that flex the young mind while incorporating such principles as Euler's rule and the Ramsey theory. There are knot puzzles, chess piece puzzles, Raiders of the Lost Cubes and Petunia's Pickle. In PATTERN GAMES, Mr. Moscovich introduces one of the newest areas of mathematics, the science of patterns. The Tower of Triangles and Starfish Sammy, Two-Tall Paul, Crazy Crayons and Goblins Getaway - in 2-D and 3-D, involving numbers, logic, perception and imagination, these puzzles play on the fantastic variety of patterns around us. All solutions provided in the back, of course!

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24 pages
Interest Age: 8+


Ivan Moscovich
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25th January 2002



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