The Essay Workplace by Sandra Scarry, Clifford Werier, John Scarry


The Essay Workplace by Sandra Scarry, Clifford Werier, John Scarry

The Essay Workplace, First Canadian Edition , focuses on the steps of essay writing. From brainstorming, word choice and grammar to more sophisticated modes of development, the process of writing is emphasized. With such an emphasis comes an outstanding selection of exercises and assignments. Many reviewers have commented that the opportunities for writing individually and writing collaboratively are a distinctive feature of this text. Furthermore, the practice is prefaced with clear, orderly explanations. Students are also able to correct their own work, as answers to selected exercises are included. Based on the successful American edition of the same text, the author has added Canadian popular and literary culture to the examples and readings.


Step 1: Looking at the Whole Chapter 1: The Writing Process for the Essay Step 2: Structuring the Essay Chapter 2: Understanding Essay Form Chapter 3: Watching a Student Essay Take Form Chapter 4: Writing an Essay Using Examples, Illustrations or Anecdotes Chapter 5:Writing an Essay Using Narration Chapter 6: Writing an Essay Using Process Chapter 7: Writing an Essay Using Comparison or Contrast Chapter 8: Writing and Essay Using Persuasion Chapter 9: Writing under Pressure Chapter 10: The Research Essay: Using Summary and Direct Quotation Step 3: Creating Effective Sentences Chapter 11: Finding Subjects and Verbs in Simple Sentences Chapter 12: Making Subjects and Verbs Agree Chapter 13: Correcting the Fragment in Simple Sentences Chapter 14: Combining Sentences Using the Three Methods of Coordination Chapter 15: Combining Sentences using Subordination Chapter 16: Correcting the Run-On Chapter 17: Making Sentence Parts Work Together Chapter 18: Practicing More with Verbs Chapter 19: Using Correct Capitalization and Punctuation Chapter 20: Step 3 Review: Using All You Have Learned Step 4: Understanding the Power of Words Chapter 21: Choosing Words that Work Chapter 22: Paying Attention to Look-Alikes and Sound-Alikes Appendices A: Documentation B: Irregular Verbs C: Parts of Speech D: Answer Key to Selected Exercises Readings My Father, the Liberator, Allen Abel Deficits, Michael Ignatieff There Goes the Neighborhood, Jim Shahin Woes of a Part-Time Parent, Nick Chiles Visiting Rights, Susan Musgrave From The Cure for Death by Lightning, Gail Anderson-Dargatz An Invisible Woman, Bharati Mukherjee I Mean, You Know, Like', Margaret Visser Neat People vs. Sloppy People, Suzanne Britt Jordan Oh, Tannenbaum: The Tale of a Tree, David Adams Richards Dirt, Germs Can Be Healthy Additives, Suzanne Morrison Keep Our Doors Open, Morton Weinfeld A Dead End for Humanity, Wade Davis Get Beyond Babel, Ken Wiwa Rhetorical List of Readings Index

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Sandra Scarry, Clifford Werier, John Scarry
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15th March 2002



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