The Truth About Green Business by Gil Friend

The Truth About Green Business

Written by Gil Friend
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The Truth About Green Business by Gil Friend

Everything you need to know to green your business and grow your profit. * The truth about what climate change means for your business * The truth about running lean and green * The truth about future proofing your business Simply the best thinking THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH This book reveals 52 PROVEN GREEN STRATEGIES and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that get results. This little book is inspiring in its range and practicality-not just for CEOs, but for every member of the exceptionally useful guide for 'going green' at any scale of enterprise. CHIP CONLEY, CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality In a world where green business advice is rampant, this is the one resource you need: a field guide that combines insight and inspiration with a solid, actionable path forward. JOEL MAKOWER, Executive Editor, Introduction ix Part I: The Truth About Green Business TRUTH 1: What is a green business? 1 TRUTH 2: Why green your business? 5 TRUTH 3: How to approach greening your business 9 TRUTH 4: Why now? 13 TRUTH 5: Climate change and your business 17 Part II: The Truth About Green Strategy TRUTH 6: Profit and purpose 23 TRUTH 7: How green is good enough? 27 TRUTH 8: Green regulations 31 Part III: The Truth About Green Operations TRUTH 9: Secrets hiding in plain sight 35 TRUTH 10: Eco-efficiency: Good for business and the environment 39 TRUTH 11: Waste? Not! Eliminating non-product 43 TRUTH 12: EcoAudits can guide your course 47 TRUTH 13: Running lean and green 53 TRUTH 14: Carbon footprinting 57 TRUTH 15: Reducing your carbon footprint 63 Part IV: The Truth About Green Marketing TRUTH 16: Green branding and messaging 67 TRUTH 17: Creating strong EcoLabels 71 TRUTH 18: Green marketing claims 77 TRUTH 19: Reaching conscious consumers 81 Part V: The Truth About Green Products and Services TRUTH 20: What makes a product green? 85 TRUTH 21: Product take-back 89 TRUTH 22: Product to service 93 TRUTH 23: What makes a service green? 97 Part VI: The Truth About Green Design TRUTH 24: Biomimicry-learning from life TRUTH 25: Reducing your product footprints 105 TRUTH 26: Cradle to cradle 109 TRUTH 27: Design with nature 113 TRUTH 28: Innovation is at the heart of greening 117 Part VII: The Truth About Green Procurement TRUTH 29: Environmentally preferable purchasing 121 TRUTH 30: Supply chain management and partnerships 125 TRUTH 31: Supplier scorecards 129 TRUTH 32: Clearing the rising bar 133 Part VIII: The Truth About Green Buildings TRUTH 33: LEED standards for green buildings 137 TRUTH 34: The cost of green building 141 TRUTH 35: Green buildings improve productivity 145 TRUTH 36: Integrative design for green building 149 Part IX: The Truth About Green IT TRUTH 37: Computers and electronics 153 TRUTH 38: Creating more effi cient data centers 157 TRUTH 39: How IT can drive greening 161 Part X: The Truth About Green Management TRUTH 40: Engaging employees 165 TRUTH 41: Engaging stakeholders 169 TRUTH 42: Keeping score 173 TRUTH 43: Employee incentives 177 TRUTH 44: Environmental management systems 181 Part XI: The Truth About Green Finance TRUTH 45: Profit, value, and risk 185 TRUTH 46: Reality-based accounting 189 TRUTH 47: Investing in green and attracting green investment 193 TRUTH 48: Carbon trading and offsets 197 TRUTH 49: Fiduciary duty 201 Part XII: The Truth About Green Futures TRUTH 50: Certainty in the face of uncertainty 207 TRUTH 51: Scenario planning 211 TRUTH 52: Future proofing 215 APPENDIX A: References 219 Acknowledgments 228 About the Author 229 Note: Appendix B is available online at no charge at www.informit. com/title/9780789739407. APPENDIX B: Resources

About the Author

Gil Friend is founder, President, and CEO of Natural Logic, Inc. Natural Logic provides advisory services in strategy, implementation, and performance measurement that help companies and communities prosper by embedding the laws of nature at the hearts of enterprise. A systems ecologist and business strategist with nearly 40 years experience in business, communications, and environmental innovation, Friend combines broad business experience with unique content experience spanning strategy, systems ecology, economic development, management cybernetics, and public policy. Tomorrow magazine called him One of the country's leading environmental management consultants-a real expert who combines theoretical sophistication with hands-on, in-the-trenches know-how. He is a founding board member of the Sustainable Business Alliance, Sustainable Berkeley, and the California Sustainable Business Council and serves on the executive board of and the advisory boards of CleanFish, WattBot, Green World Campaign, and (past) San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's Clean Tech Advisory Council. Friend served in the California Governor's Office, developing early sustainability policies and programs, was a founding board member of Internet pioneer Institute for Global Communications, was founder and Executive Director of Foundation for the Arts of Peace, and was cofounder and codirector of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a leading urban ecology and economic development think-and-do tank, where he pioneered the current green roof trend more than 35 years ago. Friend lectures widely on business strategy and sustainability policy and writes The New Bottom Line ( offering strategic perspectives on business and environment. He has contributed chapters to several books, including Worldchanging: A User's Guide to the 21st Century, Sustainable Enterprise Report, Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook, Sustainable Food Systems, and Stepping Stones, and is the author of the forthcoming book Profit on Purpose: Risk, Fiduciary Duty and the Laws of Nature. He holds an M.S. degree in systems ecology from Antioch University, has a black belt in Aikido, and is a seasoned practitioner of The Natural Step environmental management system.

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Gil Friend
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29th May 2009



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