Junior Environment on File by Victoria Chapman and Associates


Junior Environment on File by Victoria Chapman and Associates

On File TM is our award-winning collection of visual reference materials. Each On File TM depicts complex subjects in a way that both engages and informs students and researchers. These flexible resources fit into every curriculum. -- Instructors can use the pages for handouts, overheads, posters, and testing. -- Students can use them as quick sources of information, to reference curriculum topics, or to supplement their essays and reports. -- On Files TM are available in either binder or electronic format. -- All of the maps, charts, diagrams, and illustrations are designed in clean black-and-white graphics and are printed on sturdy pages. -- Pages are housed in durable three-ring binders. -- Replacement pages are available if they are lost or stolen. Designed for Kids, A Natural Selection From the ocean floor to the stratosphere, Junior Environment On File TM provides a complete and thorough grounding in ecology and environmental studies for children. This volume visually presents multifaceted concepts in a way that boys and girls will find easy to comprehend. Because this resource collects all the information about ecology and the environment in one place, teachers can spend more time and energy communicating with their students about the issues and less time searching for the information they need. Science, geography, social studies, civics, and current events classes will find Junior Environment On File TM a natural selection. Visually Explains the Environment Over 500 charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, maps, and illustrations visually convey the ecological and environmental topics taught in grades 4-6. Highlights of Junior Environment On FileTM and Junior Environmental Activities On File TM: Developed with contemporary education trends and geared to the new science curricula, both resources: -- Convey the subject matter and concepts recommended by Project 2061 and major curricula -- Include material in Science-Technology-Society (STS) -- Link science and social studies -- Link science with reading/language arts by fostering an atmosphere of communication and encouraging writing -- Stress hands-on/minds-on science. Partial Table of Contents: Getting Ready for Environment Activities What is Environmental Science? Human Beings Affect Our Planet's Ecosystems Seven Environment Issues on Planet Earth Plant & Animal Populations Animals May Live Alone, in Families, or in Groups Plants in a Population Interact with Each Other The Human Population Explosion Plant & Animal Communities Species in a Community Interact Humans Interact with the Rest of the Natural World Habitats Animals Affect Habitats Human Homes in Four Habitats Ecosystems & Energy A Temperate Deciduous Forest Food Web The Energy Pyramid Recycling Within Ecosystems What Is Soil Made of? A Model Landfill Change in Ecosystems Growth of a Coral Reef Atoll How a Road Changes a Natural System Adaptation & Evolution Crustaceans: Survival Adaptations Special Delivery: Seed Adaptations Humans Have Both Biological & Cultural Adaptations Earth Biomes & Ocean Ecosystems What Makes a Biome? Biomes of North America Oil at Sea: How a Resource May Threaten a Biome Biodiversity Four Reasons Ocean Animals Are Endangered Saving Endangered Species Around the World Milestones in U.S. WildlifeProtection The Biosphere How Smog Is Formed Groundwater Contamination: Cleaning Up Is Hard to Do A Pesticide Pyramid

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15th June 2006



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