Junior Environmental Activities on File by Victoria Chapman and Associates


Junior Environmental Activities on File by Victoria Chapman and Associates

On File TM is our award-winning collection of visual reference materials. Each On File TM depicts complex subjects in a way that both engages and informs students and researchers. These flexible resources fit into every curriculum.-- Instructors can use the pages for handouts, overheads, posters, and testing.-- Students can use them as quick sources of information, to reference curriculum topics, or to supplement their essays and reports.-- On Files TM are available in either binder or electronic format.-- All of the maps, charts, diagrams, and illustrations are designed in clean black-and-white graphics and are printed on sturdy pages.-- Pages are housed in durable three-ring binders.-- Replacement pages are available if they are lost or stolen.Nature Brought to Life, One Step at a TimeJunior Environmental Activities On File TM gives librarians, educators, and students a reference book of activities that illustrates and illuminates ecological knowledge and environmental studies. It offers step-by-step instructions to more than ninety engaging exercises ranging from hands-on projects, worksheets, and paper-and-pencil work to outdoor activities and games.A Variety of Formats & TopicsEach activity allows students to interact with the natural world and encourages scientific reasoning by asking students to: -- Observe and Measure-- Compare and Classify-- Sample and Survey -- specially designed activities called Small-Area-Science make the big job of collecting data on the environment manageable by showing students how to sample small parts of a larger area-- Model and Experiment -- for example, rates of decomposition are determinedby having students create compost-- Communicate -- through student-created charts, diagrams, art, written work, and reports.In addition, the activities come with both safety and environmental precautions in order to ensure a safe, productive learning experience.Partial Table of Contents: Getting Ready for Environment ActivitiesMaking an Earth Journal & Field LogPortable Plant PressPlant & Animal PopulationsHow Many Live Here?Ant Talk: Watching Ants as They CommunicatePlant & Animal CommunitiesWhat Lives Here?Read My Beak!: Watching & Listening to Bird CommunicationsHabitatsCritter Homes: Creating an Indoor Habitat for a Small AnimalHabitat Map: Mapping Where Your Needs Are MetEcosystems & EnergySun Blockers: Experimenting with PhotosynthesisMy Food ChainRecycling Within EcosystemsThe Dirt on SoilTrash for Lunch?: Investigating How Much of Your Lunch is Solid WasteChange in EcosystemsSeasonal ChangesTale-Telling TreesButterfly HomesAdaptationOn the Level: Examining the Concept of NicheWhich Niche?: Investigating Ways That Two Species May Use the Same AreaTough GrowingEarth Biomes & Ocean EcosystemsResources from the DeepThe Oily BirdBiodiversityTropical Treats: A Tropical Products Scavenger HuntCommunity Players: Investigating Ecosystem RelationshipsThe BiosphereDisaster Strikes!It's in the Air: Air Pollution -- ParticulatesWater Watchers.

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Victoria Chapman and Associates
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15th June 2006



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