The 20th Century by Facts on File Inc


The 20th Century by Facts on File Inc

On File TM is our award-winning collection of visual reference materials. Each On File TM depicts complex subjects in a way that both engages and informs students and researchers. These flexible resources fit into every curriculum. -- Instructors can use the pages for handouts, overheads, posters, and testing. -- Students can use them as quick sources of information, to reference curriculum topics, or to supplement their essays and reports. -- On Files TM are available in either binder or electronic format. Based on the Regional History On File TM series, the four-volume World History On File TM set is organized chronologically by era to give students a historical perspective and to provide an interdisciplinary look at events around the globe. Its non-Eurocentric periodization integrates all the world's cultures and regions. Designed to Adhere to the National Standards for World History Based on our best-selling Regional History On File TM series, this four-volume set has been reorganized, reformatted, and thoroughly updated to align with the current National Standards for World History. Presenting world history in the periodization and format teachers requested, World History On File TM is designed to meet the needs of today's students and educators. Organized Chronologically Comprehensive and up-to-date, World History On File TM presents the story of humankind as it unfolds across the millennia. Organized chronologically by era to give students a historical perspective, this unparalleled research effort provides an inclusive, multidisciplinary look at events around the globe. Through the hundreds of maps, timelines, charts, and drawings in eachvolume, a seamless tapestry of the world's peoples and civilizations emerges, bringing the past to life with clarity and immediacy. Highlights of World History On File TM: -- Non-Eurocentric periodization integrates all the world's cultures and regions. -- Multidisciplinary coverage offers a balanced presentation of political, social, economic, and cultural history. -- A unique combination of text, timelines, and maps permits quick and easy access to information. -- Specially developed pages encourage active learning and help hone historical skills: -- Historical comprehension -- Analysis -- Interpretation. -- Developed to meet the standards of major curricula and the National Standards for World History. This last volume presents the triumphs of democracy as well as the scourges of totalitarianism and ethnic violence. It explores the breakup of the old world order and enduring problems of poverty and environmental degradation. Topics include: -- Breakup of the Ottoma Empire -- Decade of Revolution in Mexico -- Origins of World War I -- Great Depression in Europe and the United States -- Human Cost of Stalinism -- Rise of Nazism and Fascism -- World War II-German Expansion -- Chronology of Holocaust -- Sino-Japanese War and World War II -- European Involvement in the Cold War -- Marshall Plan and the Recovery of Europe -- Israel and Palestine -- Egyptian-Israeli Conflicts -- Uprisings in Eastern Europe -- Indian Independence -- Partition of India -- Apartheid Policy in South Africa -- Civil War in Angola and Mozambique -- Bay of Pigs and Missile Crisis -- Turmoil in Haiti -- Collapse ofCommunism -- Deforestation of the Amazon Basin.

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15th June 2006



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