Social Stories for Kids in Conflict by John Ling


Social Stories for Kids in Conflict by John Ling

This is a practical guide to help young people improve their behaviour. Designed to help all those who work and/or live with young people who have difficulties with their behaviours and relationships with others, this book is a practical guide to help young people become more aware of their behaviour and its effect on other people. Focusing on mediation (including communication, the unblocking of channels, the breaking down of barriers, the righting of wrongs, making amends, and restorative justice), the book includes: dialogues used by a neutral person to highlight difficulties and possible changes in behaviour; cartoons and other visual techniques that can be used to present alternative ways to discuss problems; examples of social stories covering personal stuff, daily routines, home life, social skills, homework, work and playtime, PE and games, as well as a guide to writing your own social stories; and, Powerpoint presentation for staff, parents and carers.


This resource is aimed at anyone who lives or works with young people who have difficulties with their behaviour and relationships with others. Developed from practical experience, it has a very accessible format and is likely to be used by those seeking practical support to begin using Social Stories... this current publication does not restrict its scope to ASD, and the included resources are designed to be used to address issues presented by children, whatever their diagnosis, or lack of it... Ling uses both cartoons and flow charts to explore the consequences of actions, and this strategy is sure to engage many children with ASD... [the resource includes] 90 example stories covering personal issues, daily routines, home life, social skills, school work, homework, playtime and physical education. With minimal editing these can all be quickly personalised to suit the needs of an individual child... The resource also includes a CD ROM containing clipart illustrations for insertion into the user's own stories and also a PowerPoint presentation (with handouts) for use in training presentations for professionals, parents and carers... Overall this resource contains an expansive toolkit to support anyone wishing to try out these techniques. - Iain Chatwin, Independent Consultant and Trainer in ASD and learning disability, NASEN Special

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240 pages


John Ling
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30th June 2010



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