Quirky Claus The Masterfully Madcap Mishaps of an Impossibly Incompetent Santa! by Sebastian White

Quirky Claus The Masterfully Madcap Mishaps of an Impossibly Incompetent Santa!

Written by Sebastian White
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Quirky Claus The Masterfully Madcap Mishaps of an Impossibly Incompetent Santa! by Sebastian White

Quirky Claus is a new alternative take on the traditional Christmas story. As the mischievous cousin of the rather better known Santa Claus, he resides with his sidekick and not always, the most loyal of friends - Timothy the Toucan or A.K.A Timothy, (surname) Toucan. Quirky Claus , through a series of unique misadventures, (and not without more than a little help from his mischievous friend Timothy Toucan) gets himself into one increasingly difficult predicament after another as he attempts to deliver an array of unusual, incredibly bizarre, but above all, 'unexpected' Christmas presents to the naughty children of the world! Who, let us be honest, really would have been far far wiser to have behaved that 'tincey wincey' bit better before the actual big day itself! *This unlike many other children's self or commercially published books out there...in the big wide world, whilst this appears a simple concept at first, the story actually works on many different levels. Although, it may not be immediately apparent - the central character himself 'Quirky Claus' actually appears on every single page of the book, whether he is hiding beyond the rear of his front door - to his ramshackle house or surreptitiously peeking from behind a Christmas Tree! Giving children plenty of time to spend finding him. Hence, one of the reasons why children have heavily consistently borrowed the story through libraries and the figure has been maintained over the last 3 years, in fact increasing just last, and in actuality in one place or another the story is borrowed 'every' single month of the year...Surely demonstrating the stories eminent popularity?


*Joanne Harris described the book as, Really, rather quite good!

*Sean McManus freelance journalist and prolific author of several books: including University of Death, described Quirky Claus and the Sample Pages as: Great - really interesting piece of work!

*Even Dom Joly at the Ilkley Literary Festival 'snatched

? He's probably after all - still stranded in that jungle somewhere dining on snail ears and the like! Do snails have ears? If they don't, they most certainly should have! I mean, what else can they attach their IPods to...?

***Public Reviews: Hi Seb,

I have to say I liked your ideas for this stories greatly - the concept was as good - if not better than in the published children's books my kids already have (and they have quite a library going on there. Both my children spend quite a lot of time reading and as a family we are always in and out of bookshops; so we think we are quite discerning about what is and what isn't a good read or plot.

I have also shown your ideas to my young nephew, who is 5 years of age and they all thought your ideas were good. There also seems to be a lot of scope for follow-ons.

Hi Sebastian,

I read to her the story of 'Quirky Claus,


That's about as good as you're ever gonna or can get from a 2 year old!

Dear Sebastian. I have shown your book Quirky Claus, to quite a number of people and I wished to give you some feedback of the response, from the groups my daughters run:

I have been careful to show you a full cross section for these and my daughters have both said if necessary they would be prepared to vouch for your work and the feedback from the children they have received at any time. Some of the comments they received on purchasing the copies from you in the last few weeks, were: *Awesome! *Great, I really liked it. *I liked the pictures best. *My best bit was because the Easter Bunny is in it as well. *Are there any more? *Another child thought it was brill, but for the part of having to wait until the Easter Bunny Rabbit brought the presents. *Where are the Igloo's? (PS: I don't know why Igloo's have to be in it - perhaps this is some prerequisite of a Christmas book I am not aware of.) *Why only Christmas? (There will be other titles in the series *Seb) *Great colours - *Magical!!!

About the Author

*The earliest ambition I recall having was to join the noble ranks of the British Army. Hold on... I am getting there! But only 'the' second... actually at the tender age of six years - on a family walk, was to be a writer! This came upon myself with more a profound sense of meaningful vocation than just about anything 'before or since,' I have ever experienced in the entirety of my life. In actuality, a fortune teller... and here is where it gets all mysterious and ethereal... *Cue: rolling pall of fog and strange evocative howls erupting from the dark of the night! I digress somewhat... nevertheless, I had not told anyone at this stage of my visionary ambition! However the peculiar thing is... cue: yet more rolling emotive banks of fog - not too much however, or we would not be able to see one another, and that would just be plain daft! Nonetheless, for good measure... even yet more eldritch sounds emanating 'spookily' from the chill night air. As chance would have it... or perhaps 'not', on this very same trek, my gramps professed, that he had visited a fortune teller, and she had hence prophesized: One of your weee little grandchildren would be a writer! Well, not in so many words... but you can only barely manage to get the grasp of any conversation, which must have taken place over any glittering ethereal orb. Bearing in mind, at this juncture of my life, I had not told a living soul of my dreams - it did therefore seem somewhat auspicious. So, in one way or the other - for my mere 45 years of life in our brief span of existence on this... effervescent ball of blue rock, I have been aiming towards this! However squint eyed gypsies aside (a prerequisite of any self-respecting Romany Traveller) staring into glowing-nebulous crystal globes; it seems that I am not too bad at this writing lark... after all! *Currently, I am in the process of completing my next novel for young people and those like myself - who do an almost passable impersonation of being an adult! This is a comic fantasy titled... The Tallest Dwarf

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32 pages
Interest Age: 4-8 years


Sebastian White
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White Knight's Publishing

Publication date

31st August 2007



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