MyaGrace Wants to Get Ready A True Story Promoting Inclusion and Self-Determination by Jo Mach, Vera Stroup-Rentier, Mary Birdsell


MyaGrace Wants to Get Ready A True Story Promoting Inclusion and Self-Determination by Jo Mach, Vera Stroup-Rentier, Mary Birdsell

MyaGrace loves music and dancing. Her school is having a big dance and she wants to go with her friend Emily. She has so much to do to get ready. What should she wear? How should she fix her hair? What color should she paint her fingernails? Will she get everything done in time? Finding My Way Books honor children with special needs or disabilities by sharing their stories.


MyaGrace Wants To Make Music is an exciting new title from a series featuring true stories of inclusion and the development of skills needed for self-determination. Finding My Way Books, the publisher, promotes books about real children who deal with special needs or disabilities... It is especially effective that the story is written from the viewpoint and in the voice of the child, MyaGrace. Other titles by the same authors from this publisher and series that are also highly recommended include: MyaGrace Wants To Get Ready I Don't Know If I Want a Puppy,

I Want To Be Like Poppin

About the Author

Mary Birdsell is a freelance photographer and a former Speech and Theatre teacher. She strives to create images that reflect the strengths of each child. Mary's background in education, theatre and photography intersect as she visually creates our books. She uses colors and shapes to tell a story. For her each book is like it's own theatre production.

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Interest Age: From 4


Jo Mach, Vera Stroup-Rentier, Mary Birdsell
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28th April 2016



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