Ralph Flies the Coop A Tail of Transformation by Jaimie Scanlon


Ralph Flies the Coop A Tail of Transformation by Jaimie Scanlon

A timely story by witty wordsmith Jaimie Scanlon, complete with richly detailed, whimsical illustrations by Ellen Tumavicus; Ralph Rooster takes children on a round-the-world journey, capturing the power of travel and language learning to connect us with others and teach us about ourselves. It's life as usual on the farm until the pivotal moment when Ralph Rooster overhears the other animals complaining about his early morning racket and lazy habits. Ralph would soon learn that big trouble was brewing.The ducks were all quacking. The cows were all mooing,and the pigs were disgruntled about the same thing, snorting, 'That Ralph Rooster acts like he's fit to be king!' With feathers ruffled and pride tarnished, Ralph decides to leave the only home he has ever known. Flying the coop by the light of dawn, he embarks on a horizon-expanding global adventure. 'He was gone by sunrise on the back of a goose.Feeling fancy and free and a little footloose.' With plucky travel companion Goose by his side, Ralph visits colorful, far-flung destinations, making friends and learning to say Cock a doodle doo! in the local language. In each new location, he embraces the opportunity to engage in enriching cultural experiences - samba dancing in Rio, visiting the Great Pyramid on camelback, learning tai chi in Beijing - which begin to transform his character both inside and out. Ralph returns to the farm a humbler, wiser global citizen with a new appreciation for home and community, and a desire to share all the wonders the world has in store. Ralph's journey reminds us all that great things can happen when we put aside fear and embrace what is new and different.

About the Author

Jaimie Scanlon grew up on a slight bend in the Ashfield Stream in the deep, dark woods of Western Massachusetts. Without any siblings or nearby neighborhood children, she spent many hours reading all manner of books for both big and little people, and talking to herself. But her childhood was far from lacking adventure. Jaimie's parents had always loved international travel. When she grew up, she traveled to Japan to teach English, an experience which set the course for the rest of her life. Jaimie now lives and works in Vermont. In addition to writing stories for children, she also writes and edits books and classroom materials for English teachers around the world. She shares a home with her husband, Morris Kimura, who is Japanese-American, and their two children, Rei (age 12) and Senji (age 5). Ellen Tumavicus has been drawing since her chubby little two-year old hands could hold a crayon. Her drawings, paintings, sculptures, and prints, have been shown throughout New England. She finds her best inspiration from her travels throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe, as well as the visual offerings that daily life brings to her as she teaches and mothers and observes the beauty and curiosities of the world around her, wherever she happens to be at any moment in time. She holds a bachelor of Studio Art and a master of Art Education from the University of Massachusetts.

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Jaimie Scanlon
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9th November 2016



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