Transnational Encounters Between Germany and Japan Perceptions of Partnership in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries by Joanne Miyang Cho

Transnational Encounters Between Germany and Japan Perceptions of Partnership in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Written by Joanne Miyang Cho
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Part of the Palgrave Series in Asian German Studies Series


Transnational Encounters Between Germany and Japan Perceptions of Partnership in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries by Joanne Miyang Cho

Showcasing moments of convergence between the German and Japanese cultures towards common points of interest over the last one hundred fifty years, the chapters in this book cover such topics as culture, diplomacy, geography, history, law, literature, philosophy, politics, and sports. From the creation of two similar modern nation-states, to the aggressive struggle for national supremacy and subsequent total defeat in 1945, the necessity of coping with their earlier militarism and parallel economic miracles in the postwar era, Germans and Japanese look back on a remarkably similar past.


Transnational Encounters between Germany and Japan: Perceptions of Partnership in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries is an anthology of scholarly essays by diverse authors discussing intersections and common themes between German and Japanese cultures over the past one hundred and fifty years. ... An index enhances this erudite, meticulously researched and presented compilation, highly recommended especially for college library World History or International Studies collections. (Mid West Book Review Library Bookwatch,, February, 2016) Ricky Law Review of proposed volume Transnational Encounters between Germany and Japan: Perceptions of Partnership in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries The proposed project is a welcome addition to the growing historiography of Germany's interaction with East Asia, in this case Japan. For some time this topic was either neglected because Germany did not have a vast colonial empire and was thus assumed not to have exercised much influence in Asia, or relegated to the confines of diplomatic studies. In recent years scholars, especially in America, have begun to pay more attention to Germany and Germans

's economy. As evidence, the last few annual meetings of both the German Studies Association and Association for Asian Studies featured multiple panels on the ties between Europe and Asia. Like some previous edited works, the proposed volume taps into this growing interest. The editors and the contributors are published authors on the subject; some are even established authorities in their areas of studies. All the editors, Cho, Roberts, and Spang, produced works on the theme of German-Asian relations, while several of the contributors wrote monographs on related topics. The diverse interests and academic backgrounds of the contributors add an interdisciplinary dimension to the volume, so that it covers convincingly topics ranging from literature to history to politics to international relations. It is also very remarkable that the contributors are based in Europe, Asia, or America, which not only ensures that the volume examines the subject from different perspectives and with balance, but should also broaden its appeal to different readerships. Specifically, both the structure and substance of the proposed volume are sound. It logically organizes the chapters into three groups, chronologically arranged. Several of the essays engage with a particular topic through original research, while others provide general overviews of broader topics. All the sample chapters exhibit depth by using and citing sources in the relevant languages. The chapters cover various aspects of German-Japanese relations without overlapping too much or leaving unacceptable gaps. Of course, in an edited volume with thirteen contributors and on a theme so broad, some important topics are not discussed in depth, but then the volume never claimed to be comprehensive. As a matter of fact, most of the authoritative works on German-Japanese relations are edited volumes with multiple authors, some of whom are actually writing for the present proposed project. Moreover, some of the chapters deal with topics with a substantial external body of scholarship and should thus be of interest to readers who might otherwise not be interested in German-Japanese relations; examples include the experience of European Jewish exiles fleeing persecution, the Tripartite or Axis Pact, the trials of war criminals after World War II, and Western views of Asia. In sum, the proposed volume will contribute to the expanding field of transnational and global histories. Students, teachers, and scholars will benefit from the publication of this volume.'

About the Author

Joanne Miyang Cho is Professor and Chair of History at William Paterson University of New Jersey, USA. She is the co-editor of Transcultural Encounters between Germany and India (2013) and Germany and China: Transnational Encounters since the Eighteenth Century (2014). She is also the co-editor of Palgrave Series in Asian German Studies. Her research focus is Asian German studies and she is currently working on German-Korean relations and German-Asian gender relations. Lee M. Roberts is Associate Professor of German Language and Literature at Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, USA. He specializes in Asian-German cultural relations. Representative publications include Germany and the Imagined East (2005; 2009) and Literary Nationalism in German and Japanese Germanistik (2010). He is co-editor of Palgrave Series in Asian German Studies. Christian W. Spang is Associate Professor of German Studies at Dait? Bunka University, Tokyo, Japan. His research deals with German-Japanese relations in the 19th and 20th century. He authored Karl Haushofer und Japan (2013) and co-edited Japanese-German Relations, 1895-1945 (2006) and Heinz Altschul: 'As I Record These Memories ...' (2014). A co-authored history of the German East Asiatic Society (OAG) is forthcoming in German.

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Joanne Miyang Cho
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16th December 2015



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