Bringing Up Parents The Teenager's Handbook by Alex J Packer

Bringing Up Parents The Teenager's Handbook

Written by Alex J Packer
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Bringing Up Parents The Teenager's Handbook by Alex J Packer

Do you wish things were different around your house? Do you want more fun and fewer fights, more freedom and less frustration, more respect and fewer rules? You can get what you want. Bringing Up Parents shows you how. Forget that your parents are supposed to be bringing you up. With the strategies, tips, and techniques in this book, you can bring them up to be everything you want them to be: parents who trust you, listen to you, respect your opinions, accept your feelings, and let you be yourself. Along the way, you'll gain more privileges. You'll have more say in family decisions. You'll discover how to use parent psychology to get what you need. You'll find out how to solve problems, even head them off before they happen. And you'll help to create a healthier, happier home environment for everyone. Straight talk, specific suggestions, lots of ideas, and laughs - that's what you'll find in Bringing Up Parents, the book that helps you raise parents who act like adults. Very little is known about Alex Packer. His former students describe him as brilliant, weird, and kinda cute. His former teachers are all institutionalized and unavailable for comment. Private investigators hired by the publisher have, however, been able to determine that the author attended Harvard College, where he majored in social relations and late night snacks, and that he holds a master's degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of (duh) Education, as well as a Ph.D. in educational and developmental psychology from Boston College. Underworld informants have told the publisher that Alex Packer was headmaster of an alternative school for 11- to 15-year-olds, director of education at the Capital Children's Museum, and is now president of Boston-based FCD Educational Services, Inc., a leading provider of drug education programs to schools and colleges worldwide. He is also the author of the How Rude!(t) Handbooks (Free Spirit, 2004), Wise Highs: How to Thrill, Chill, and Get Away from It All Without Alcohol or Other Drugs (Free Spirit, 2006), How Rude!(t) The Teenagers' Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out (Free Spirit, 1997), Parenting One Day at a Time (Dell, 1996), and 365 Ways to Love Your Child (Dell, 1995). Reliable sources report that Dr. Packer writes screenplays, flies ultralight aircraft, drives a 28-year-old sports car, and lives in a big loft. When asked to supply a photograph, Dr. Packer refused, saying, Wat!?!? And never be able to go out to a restaurant again without hordes of adoring teenagers stampeding to my table for autographs?

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Alex J Packer
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8th December 2009



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