The Beasts in the Jar by Lucy Coats

The Beasts in the Jar

Written by Lucy Coats
Illustrated by Anthony Lewis
Part of the Greek Beasts and Heroes Series

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The Beasts in the Jar by Lucy Coats

Long ago, in ancient Greece, the gods and goddesses gave the gift of storytelling to men and women, and ordered that there should be a great storytelling festival, once every seven years, near Troy, which draws entrants from far and near. Atticus the Storyteller is determined to take part but finds himself diverted on his route by happenings large and small. Always, his diversions lead to wonderful stories - and here they are ...In the first volume of WHO'S WHO IN GREEK MYTHS, discover the story of creation, meet the legendary gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, the glorious Pandora, and Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun.


'A superb introduction to the Ancient Greek myths and legends. Highly recommended'

'A fascinating and fun collection'

'Ideal for newly independent readers. Coats'


'Perfectly written for age 7+'

'Lots of the stories are well known but are well worth retelling again. The stories are beautifully short, which means they should work well to read to a young child, or have the child read themselves, with room for a second story if required. Keep them coming!'

'All the famous stories are here, re-told in a magical way with great illustrations'

'The Gods were generous with their storytelling gifts to Lucy Coats, as her Historical knowledge and sparkling prose draw children on an exciting journey through the ancient world'

'An exceptional collection of myths...written in a lively style which breathes new life into these old legends'

'The writing is light and humorous, while colourful pictures and maps guide the reader swiftly through the mountains and seas of the classical lands. A great way of bringing the myths and legends of ancient Greece to a young audience'

'This is a very good book'

'These are lovely books which explain some quite complicated myths in relatively easy language for 6 - 9 year olds. The books are beautifully illustrated throughout which helps to bring the stories to life'

.COM 'This is a marvellous set of 12 books

'I thought this book was very good. I especially loved the monsters. Each story was only a few pages long, so i could read one each day. I would recommend anyone my age to read it'

About the Author

Lucy Coats

Lucy Coats: "My first proper job was as an editor in children’s book publishing, so I know what the world of books is like from both an editor’s and a writer’s perspective. While I was doing that I won a poetry competition, and then I submitted a poem for an anthology which was being commissioned by my boss. I used a pseudonym, and keeping my mouth shut while all the other editors were discussing whether it was any good or not is nearly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. A Woobit Song got chosen on merit, and was the first thing I ever had published.

Unfortunately (or fortunately as it turned out for my writing career), I became very sick with something called myalgic encephalomyelitis when I returned from working as an editor in America, and I had to give up my publishing job. That was when I really turned to writing as a way of keeping my brain occupied. My first book One Hungry Baby was published in 1992, and I’ve been writing for children ever since. I have been married to Richard-from-Uni since 1989.We now have two teenage kids—a boy and a girl—and also three dogs—two black labradors and a weird and obstinate Dandie Dinmont terrier (a rare British breed which looks like a very small highland cow without horns and on mega-short legs. It has black boot-button eyes under a blonde fringe and sounds like a bass Great Dane when it barks, which it does continuously). We also have a horse and an ancient guinea-pig. We all live in Northamptonshire, surrounded by sheep, more horses, noisy birds and a view of my stone circle that inspires me every single day."

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Lucy Coats
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4th February 2010



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