My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE PE My Revision Notes by John Honeybourne


My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE PE My Revision Notes by John Honeybourne

Unlock your full potential with this revision guide which focuses on the key content and skills you need to know. With My Revision Notes for OCR GCSE PE you can: - Take control of your revision: plan and focus on the areas you need to revise with content summaries and commentary from author John Honeybourne - Show you fully understand key topics by using specific examples to add depth to your knowledge of issues and processes related to PE - Apply PE terms accurately with the help of definitions and key words on all topics - Improve your skills to tackle specific exam questions with self-testing and exam-style questions and answers - Get exam ready with last-minute quick quizzes at CONTENTS: Unit B541 An Introduction to Physical Education 1. Key concepts 2. Fundamental motor skills 3. Decision making in physical activities 4. Abiding by the rules, etiquette and sportsmanship 5. The components of fitness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle 6. The importance of the warm-up and cool-down 7. The characteristics of skilful movement 8. Performance and outcome goals 9. Assessing the body's readiness for exercise 10. Components of a healthy diet and characteristics of a healthy lifestyle 11. General factors affecting performance and participation 12. Indicators of health and well-being 13. Methods of exercise and training 14. Levels of participation 15. Reasons for participation 16. Reasons for non-participation 17. Specific social, cultural and locational reasons affecting participation 18. School Key Processes and influences on participation 19. Pathways for involvement in physical activity Unit B543 Developing Knowledge in Physical Education 20. Learning skills 21. Feedback and motivation 22. Goal setting 23. The skeletal system 24. Joints 25. Muscles and movement 26. Tendons and the effects of lactic acid 27. Mental preparation 28. Short-term effects of exercise 29. Long-term effects of exercise 30. Exercise and training principles 31. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise and training 32. Potential hazards 33. Reducing the risks 34. Effects of media and sponsorship 35. Local and national provision 36. Government initiatives 37. School influences

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John Honeybourne has taught both GCSE and A-level PE for many years. An experienced PE author, he is currently an educational consultant and runs revision courses and INSET.

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