Because I'm Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa

Because I'm Your Dad

Written by Ahmet Zappa
Illustrated by Dan Santat


Because I'm Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa

About the Author

Ahmet Zappa

I was born Ahmet Emuukha Rodan Zappa on May 15, 1974, in Los Angeles, CA, three months premature and with a collapsed lung. I’m the third of four children born to the late rock musician/ composer, Frank Zappa, and a super-powered psychic witch businesswoman named Gail. I always called them by their first names, never using “Mom” or “Dad”, and drank iced coffee almost every night before bedtime.

As a child, I struggled with learning disabilities that made reading very difficult for me. I’m not proud to admit this, but I dropped out of school in the beginning of eighth grade. At the time it seemed like a really great plan (and I’m pretty sure it was my parents idea) but as an adult, I find my lack of a high school diploma rather embarrassing. I did, however, get an education in a different way; by following my father around on tour and by being forced to spend time with the random onslaught of eclectic strangers that constantly kept stopping by the house when I was a child.

I’ve been an actor, a game show host, a lead singer, had my own radio show, and am currently involved in creating or conceptualizing numerous television shows. As a lead singer/songwriter I formed a band with my older brother, Dweezil, in the early ‘90s called Z. We released two albums, Shampoo Horn and Music for Pets, and played thunderous rock shows all over the world. Even though I haven’t put out a solo record yet, (like I’ve been promising myself I would) I periodically find myself back in the studio recording magic little ditties every once in a while.

As an actor and TV personality, I rocked the small screen on shows such as Roseanne and Growing Pains and in feature films such as Pump up the Volume and Jack Frost. I’ve also hosted programs like MTV’s webRIOT, TLC’s Roboitca, and most recently, VH1’s But Can They Sing?

A few years ago I wanted to make a change in my life and decided to try something I feared would be impossible for me to achieve. I’ve always felt inside my heart that I am a storyteller, so I decided to take a chance and I sat down to write my first novel. From that moment on, my universe changed and so was born The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless. My simplest wish was to be able write a book that everyone would enjoy, but more specifically, I wanted to write a book that would empower children to overcome their fears and inspire those who have suffered similar learning disabilities as mine to realize just how wonderful reading a book can be. I discovered late in life the joy of reading and am now convinced it’s better than eating pancakes or the smelling of freshly brewed puppy toes. In addition to writing all about the things that go bump in the night, I drew over 300 monster illustrations to include in my book so that there would be something special on every page. Not all of them were featured in the first book but they will find a home soon enough in future adventures.

Prior to my manuscript’s publication, and only a few days after I actually finished it, a copy was leaked and caused quite a frenzy among the studios. In the end I’m proud to say that Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer films won a bidding war between two other studios and purchased the film rights to my book for $1.5 million, which I’ve been told is an unprecedented deal for a first time children’s book author! All I know is that I can buy a lot of doughnuts with that kind of money and I have the belly to prove it.

The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless was published in the U.S. by Random House in July 2006 and has received glowing reviews. Disney is now in pre-production on the film version and I can’t wait to see what my monsters will look like when brought to life on the big screen.

In other mind-blowingly good news, in October of 2006 I was tapped by The Jim Henson Company to executive produce and write a treatment for a full-length feature version of the 1980’s television classic, Fraggle Rock.

I seriously couldn’t be happier!!!!

I’m currently living in Los Angeles with my new little werewolf baby that I named Sandwich and I’m hard at work on the second installment in the McFearless series.

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Ahmet Zappa
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12th April 2016



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