Bunny Rabbit In The Sunlight by Chris Ballew

Bunny Rabbit In The Sunlight

Written by Chris Ballew
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Bunny Rabbit In The Sunlight by Chris Ballew

Each leaf of this beautifully created board book reveals a different animal -- an earthworm, a black bear, a lazy dog, a hooty owl -- each shown in a unique form of light -- dawn light, winter light, fire light, starlight. This simple structure plays to Kate Endle's signature cut-paper collage creations. Caspar Babypants offers two free MP3 downloads of songs based on the text of Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight; one for daytime, one for bedtime.


Eye-catching collages depict gentle animals whose habitats are brightened by different light sources: Rooster wakes in the dawn light./ Black bear sleeping in the winter light. A raccoon snacks on a piece of fruit by a campfire, while a whale sprays in the fog light and a cat curls up in the bedside light. Endle varies her compositions with warm and cool colors; visual textures suggest smoothness of glass and the roughness of gravel. When it's time to turn off the lights, readers will likely request a rereading. A recording by Babypants (aka Chris Ballew, lead singer for the Presidents of the United States of America) is available for download.

-right read-aloud plots, the stories are released by Seattle's own Sasquatch Books. Seattle Magazine Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight by Kate Endle and Caspar Babypants is a book you really need to see (and as it turns out) hear. On each page your preschooler will find a different animal created in cut paper. The forms are beautiful to look at, but so are the perspective each one is presented in -- different forms of light. Each image is accompanied with simple text, describing the animal and the setting. Once the reading is done (this is a great bedtime book), let your child listen to the two recordings from Babypants, based on the text. About.com For your youngest readers (or read-to-ers) Endle and Babypants have created Bunny Rabbit In The Sunlight, a board book that is full of eye catching illustrations and text that is deceptively simple but chock full of alliteration and assonance and consonance to create a continuity of sound that carries page to page thru the book such as Goldfish swimming in the shimmer light/Croaking frog in the lantern light. Bunny Rabbit In The Sunlight is a great book to give to the little ones as well as to read to them for a bedtime tale. Life.Nest.Baby.Toy With Kate [Endle] illustrating and Caspar [Babypants] writing, these two new books [Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight and My Woodland Wish] are perfectly balanced and delightfully beautiful... Both are adorable and both follow a similar theme: pictures of cutey pie wild animals and rhymes about what those animals do (and how much we want to play with them). Boston Children's Music .. .both books [Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight and My Woodland Wish] capture the peaceful, gentle spirit of Caspar Babypants

's loveliest work. Dadnabbit Both books [Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight and My Woodland Wish] are beautifully illustrated, and both are totally charming little books... If there's a child in your life that loves animals and the outdoors, or if you're a city mom whose kids don't get enough exposure to nature (like me!), these books would be a great addition to your home library. Growing My Kids Reviews Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight is a boardbook perfect for any grasping toddler's hands. The rhymes on each 'page'

[Endle] did a really beautiful job illustrating the book with bright contrasting colors and layered patterns. They really draw in young eyes and keep them. Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight is all about animals in different lights, be it the dawn light, firelight, or moonlight. And in the end, it's time to turn off the light making this the perfect bedtime read-a story and lullaby in one. In the Know Mom

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26th July 2011



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