Blogging for Teens by John Gosney

Blogging for Teens

Written by John Gosney
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Blogging for Teens by John Gosney

Not your typical computer tutorial, this book aspires to discuss more than how to simply use the software it targets the uses of blogging, specifically among teen users, and how this technology is used in the definition of an online personality. In other words, this book doesn't just show readers how to build a blog; this title focuses on how to effectively use a blog, all under the auspices of, again, a younger audience. Teens account for the majority of blogs currently in use on the Web. The diary component of a blog, and how this diary concept can be used to define an online personality has obvious connotations to a typical teen mindset. Readers also delve into other related technologies specifically, instant messaging and the use of online avatars (i.e. online games/Web tools that allow the representation of the self through a virtual character) which have an increasing teen focus. For example, parents are using instant messaging as a way to break down communication walls with their teenagers (and vice versa). This book capitalizes on these growing issues but again from a use perspective, and from a teenage audience perspective. For example, this book considers the question: How do I use technology (in this case, instant messaging) to better communicate with my parents? Appealing to an increasingly large audience, this book capitalizes on the growing use of these technologies among teens, how they apply to the development of an e-personality and how these personalities interact via technology with other teen users. In addition to the personal experience the author can offer from having a blogging teen daughter, John Gosney also has his own blog site


Chapter 1. The Perks of Being a Wallblogger Chapter 2. Reaching Out and Finding Your Voice Chapter 3. The Daily Report: Reading Other Blogs Chapter 4. Beyond the Blog: Expanding Your Voice Chapter 5. Planning Your Blog Chapter 6. Choosing Your Blog Hosting Service Chapter 7. Building Your Blog with Angelfire, Part I Chapter 8. Building Your Blog with Angelfire, Part II Chapter 9. Advanced Blog Design with Microsoft FrontPage Chapter 10. The Care and Feeding of Your Blog Chapter 11. Sample Blog: In The City Chapter 12. Sample Blog: My Fifteen Minutes Appendix: Abbreviation Listing

About the Author

John W. Gosney is currently the director of information technology for the Indiana University School of Dentistry. He is also associate faculty for the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts, where he teaches a variety of literature and English courses, including a course that focuses on literature for adolescents: this course highlights the uniquely adolescent themes that can often be found in any work of fiction, regardless of genre or subject. Through the use of novel pedagogies (including the integration of problem-based learning) John encourages his students ' many of whom will be secondary education teachers ' to consider and explore the 'teen themes' that can be found in any work of fiction, and to thus specifically interpret these texts for a younger audience. Through his teaching and research, John is also interested in how technology ' especially Web-based technologies ' can further enhance the delivery of curriculum to both secondary and post-secondary students, across a broad spectrum of subjects and issues. John received his B.A. in technical writing and psychobiology from Purdue University. In 1996, he was awarded an M.A. in English from Butler University. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family that, along with two young boys, just happens to include a precocious twelve-year-old 'pre-teen' daughter thus keeping John acutely interested and in touch with how young people are using technology to communicate with their peers and (it is hoped!) better communicate with their parents.

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288 pages


John Gosney
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28th August 2004



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