Wisteria Jane by Amber Harris

Wisteria Jane

Written by Amber Harris
Illustrated by Ard Hoyt

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Wisteria Jane by Amber Harris

Say hello to the mostly sweet, but sometimes sour, Wisteria Jane Hummell. Named after her mother's favorite flower, Wisteria Jane sees the world in her own special way. She tells her friends that her favorite color is rainbow. She loves jumping in mud puddles and she desperately wants a pet unicorn. Wisteria Jane's days are filled with adventures, giggles, bumps, bruises, and some important life lessons. In her first adventure, Wisteria Jane learns how to be a thoughtful friend as she hones the skill of being honest without adding the not so nice truths she is so tempted to share. Through Wisteria Jane's experiences, children learn important lessons about honesty, friendship, and people's feelings. Age focus: 3-8.


-Debut author Harris introduces Wisteria Jane, an inquisitive girl with springy blonde curls, gangly limbs, a gap between her front teeth, and a folksy narrative voice (-My momma named me Wisteria on account of wisteria being her most favorite flower-). . . . Hoyt creates a peaceful suburban neighborhood bursting with vegetation and brings a caricatured aesthetic to the characters that matches Wisteria's big personality. . . . a good-natured sense of humor helps carry it along.---Publisher's Weekly -A little girl who takes telling the truth too far learns to temper her tongue and make up with a friend. A valuable lesson...---Kirkus Reviews -Told from the perspective of the lovable and precocious Wisteria Jane, this story shares Wisty's attempts at being honest while not hurting her best friend's feelings. Can she do both?The bright expressive illustrations connect with the vivid and realistic voice of Wisteria Jane. Her actions and thoughts are realistic and do not veer off into the didactic realm of writing. The writing exudes a youthful spirit and makes you want to read this aloud to children, as they will likely empathize with the spunky Wisteria Jane.What I want to know is, when will we get to read Wisty's next escapade?!---Stephanie Kinsella, School Librarian, Riddle Elementary School -The story of Wisteria Jane is a familiar one with a lot of children. Sometimes our brains can not stop what our mouths say, and words fly out that are mean to our friends. It is hard to apologize to a good friend when you feel bad about something you said that may be hurtful. The lesson that Wisteria Jane learns will resonate with children who have been on either side of a necessary apology. Thank you, Amber Harris for writing such a beautiful story that is a great reminder of how to be a true friend for children and the adults who share the book with them. Ard Hoyt did an amazing job of illustrating Amber's story. One of my favorite books to share in the SMITH READS Library is The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School, and I recognized his artwork in Wisteria Jane's and the other characters

-dos! This sweet story is a great addition to any school or public library. It makes a great read aloud for class discussion on friendships!---Jan Pelias, Smith Reads Blog -Lovable--- Judy Wrolson, Bookseller, Cornerstone Cottage Bookstore, Hampton, Iowa -Wisteria Jane always tells the truth no matter how embarrassing or painful it is to the other person. When she hurts her best friend's feelings, she learns that sometimes it's better to keep ones thought to oneself. This is a fun book with bright colors. It's a great way to teach someone to stop and think before they talk.---Janice Hunsche, Bookseller, Kaleidosaurus Books and Toys, Metamora, Indiana Hoyt's illustrations are cheerful and in the same rainbow hues that Wisteria Jane and Ella like so much, and will appeal to both parents and kids. A great book about friendship and apologies, Wisteria Jane teaches kids that it is ok to have similar interests and be different at the same time, but if you hurt someone's feelings, it's always best to apologize.--Clara Martin, Bookseller, Lemuria Books, Jackson, Mississippi Wisteria Jane is one part rainbows & smiles, the other part chaos and frowns. She's named after her mom's favorite flower, Wisteria, and loves all things mud puddles and unicorns. In her first adventure, she works on being honest to her friends, without adding in the not-so-nice parts that don't need to be said. But brutal honesty seems to be her forte at first! The important topic of this book makes it a great one to read to explore the topic of honesty with your child and teach them how to be truthful without hurting people's feelings, especially the feelings of their friends. The illustrations by Ard Hoyt are absolutely charming, Dolly loved all the great expressions and bright colors! This is a great book for the classroom, ages 3-8 especially.--Diapers & Daydreams Blog

About the Author

Amber Harris is the mostly together, but sometimes scatterbrained, author of the Wisteria Jane Hummell series. Just like Wisteria Jane, Amber's life is one of chaos and giggles, in equal proportion. Amber and her husband, of 17 years, are parents to three amazing kids, and two crazy dogs. Amber's greatest achievements include bringing three children into this world, sky diving in New Zealand, bungee jumping off the Pipeline Bridge, and completing both her undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of Arizona and her graduate degree in education, with an emphasis on Autism, at Arizona State University.

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Amber Harris
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30th June 2015



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