Explore Honey Bees! With 25 Great Projects by Cindy Blobaum

Explore Honey Bees! With 25 Great Projects

Written by Cindy Blobaum
Illustrated by Bryan Stone
Part of the Explore Your World Series


Explore Honey Bees! With 25 Great Projects by Cindy Blobaum

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Toast, cereal, juice, and fruit? Thank the honey bees! About one out of every three mouthfuls we eat is affected by honey bee pollination. In Explore Honey Bees! With 25 Great Projects, young readers learn about honey bee colonies, why honey bees live in hives, how honey bees communicate with each other, and why they are so important to human lives. Colony collapse disorder first appeared in 2006 and since then beekeepers have seen disappearances of 30 to 90 percent of their bee colonies each year. Readers learn about possible reasons behind and solutions to this growing global problem. Explore Honey Bees! offers a glimpse into a miniature world familiar to children. Activities include designing a hive and making a model of a flower's reproductive system, reinforcing the math and science skills readers gain from the text. Fun facts and colorful illustrations make learning fun and exciting. Links to online primary sources integrate a digital learning experience and offer opportunities to delve deeper into the world of honey bees. This title meets Common Core State Standards in language arts, science and technology; Guided Reading Levels and Lexile measurements indicate grade level and text complexity.


Praise for Explore Honey Bees! With 25 Great Projects National Science Teachers Association What did you have for breakfast this morning? As this book points out, you can probably thank a honey bee. Explore Honey Bees! With 25 Great Projects is a fun primer for those who want an overview of one of the hardest workers on our planet--the honey bee... Booklist Online Information abounds in this multifaceted collection of all things honeybee. The brief, chatty narrative passages are accompanied by sidebars that clearly define vocabulary words and offer trenchant discussion questions with strong appeal for either individual readers or group discussion... School Library Journal Featuring well-organized chapters and colorful illustrations, this title sheds light on bee anatomy, social structure, life cycle, products, and more. Readers will gain a greater respect for these insects and an appreciation for their importance to humans... Younger students will appreciate the images and accessible directions, while the vocabulary and content are challenging enough for older readers. VERDICT A solid text that lends itself well to classroom use as well as to individual research. Amazon #3 Hot New Release in Children's Farming & Agriculture Books Shara Buffington, homeschooling parent and beekeeper Explore Honey Bees! is great for studying science and nature, and I love that you can intertwine lots of different subjects into honey bees and do units on math, history, language arts, vocabulary, and art. As a homeschooler and parent, I would buy this book. Two thumbs up to Nomad Press! Sue Heavenrich, writer and educator The kid-friendly, hands-on activities in this book provide a great way to learn more about the honey bees flying through your neighborhood. Darren Cox, President, American Honey Producers Association This book articulates well the value of honey bees and our society's dependence upon them. Barbara Lawler, President, NH Beekeepers Association, Proprietress, Lawler Farms Explore Honey Bees! is an exciting, informational book filled with loads of easy-to-understand facts for all. The activities help illustrate the information beautifully. Michael Willard, President, Vermont Beekeepers Association Explore Honey Bees!is well put together and the technical information about bees and beekeeping is accurate. I enjoyed how the information was presented in a fun way. Praise for other books in the series: Explore Gravity! With 25 Great Projects National Science Teachers Association Are you looking for projects about gravity that are equally interactive as well as instructive? Explore Gravity! is sure to be one of the more popular science books in your class. Marla Conn, Educational Consultant I love this interactive, hands-on, thought-provoking title! Explore Gravity! provides endless opportunities for students to make text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections! The great flow of ideas and activities incorporate the cross-curriculum subject areas of STEM, offering many opportunities for teachers and parents to expand and do more. Presents scientific theories of the past and challenges students to look at how modern technology changes the way we interpret them. Explore Night Science! With 25 Great Projects School Library Journal

About the Author

Cindy Blobaum is an educator and naturalist who has written several books for children, including Explore Night Science!, Explore Gravity!, and Explore Money! for Nomad Press. She lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with her family. Bryan Stone is a cartoonist and the illustrator of several books for Nomad Press including Explore Night Science!, Explore Flight!, Explore Rivers and Ponds!, Explore Rocks and Minerals!, Explore Electricity!, and Explore Money!. He lives in Hartland, Vermont.

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96 pages
Interest Age: From 7 to 10 years


Cindy Blobaum
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Nomad Press

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9th June 2015



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