McTavich That Rascal Squirrel by Carol Tollefson


McTavich That Rascal Squirrel by Carol Tollefson

The Acorn People are squirrels who live in the Glen-Coe Higlands of Scotland, and they are generally good-hearted. But this is the tale of McTavish, an outlaw among the Acorn People. He is guilty of stealing from the community's annual acorn gathering. Will McTavish, that rascal squirrel, be redeemed?


Just then their mother comes into the store because she saw them run, and Aileana, with tears streaming down her face, says Oh, mother, we worked all morning, and gathered many acorns, however, McTavich took them all. Her mother hugs her and dries her tears.

About the Author

Carolyn Tollefson has loved writing since she was a child. She has written many stories about her adventures in life, her family, and poetry. She especially enjoys creating stories for children. Carolyn lives with her husband Bob, in Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas. They have one daughter Kim.

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20 pages


Carol Tollefson
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30th September 2015



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