Animal Hospital Rescuing Urban Wildlife by Julia Coey, Nathalie Karvonen

Animal Hospital Rescuing Urban Wildlife

Written by Julia Coey, Nathalie Karvonen
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Animal Hospital Rescuing Urban Wildlife by Julia Coey, Nathalie Karvonen

A book for kids on how to treat, handle and report injured, orphaned and neglected wildlife. Our cities are already filled with a huge variety of wildlife. As urban areas expand, they impinge on the natural habitats of animals that would not otherwise find themselves in an urban setting, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as rare, threatened and even endangered wildlife. Animal Hospital describes how injured and orphaned wild animals are rehabilitated and cared for after being rescued from perilous situations. It follows the activities of an urban animal rescue facility and the efforts of the trained professionals that rescue, treat, rehabilitate and hopefully release the animals. The book explains medical triage and provides instructions for citizens who discover injured animals. It gives 'first aid' steps and tells how to contact wildlife experts and transport the animal to a specialized facility, if necessary. There are exciting real-life stories about rescued animals with photographs that give readers an up-close look. Animal Hospital also describes international efforts that encourage conservation and awareness. This is a valuable title in the classroom and an exciting and inspiring choice for any youngster.


Striking an excellent balance between visual appeal and content, this book provides foundational do's and don'ts of animal rescue. Using the Toronto Wildlife Center as her point of reference, Coey introduces readers to the concept of animal rehabilitation and offers examples of it at work, highlighting call centers and the process by which sick, injured, or orphaned animals are admitted into rehab centers. Next, readers learn the importance of individualized care, which is shown through customized enclosures and feeding methods. Also stressed is limiting human contact when helping patients return to the wild. The final two chapters look at dangerous scenarios that require trained wildlife rescuers--often due to human-made disasters, such as oil spills. While cute pictures prevail, there are also photos of urban animals injured by garbage... Appropriate cautions are issued about interacting with wildlife, as are tips for getting involved... Well-rounded and informative.--Julia Smith Booklist (12/01/2015) This informative book examines the work of the Toronto Wildlife Center and offers suggestions about saving urban wildlife. Using examples of cases handled by the Center, Coey efficiently details how animals are rescued, describes the rehabilitation operations, and stresses the importance of releasing animals back into their natural environments. Throughout, she emphasizes ways humans should and should not interact with urban wildlife. The writing style is direct and accessible. Sidebars add extra detail. Attractive photographs vary in size from a bit larger than a postage stamp to full pages and depict animals such as squirrels, opossum, raccoons, skunks, assorted birds, rabbits, and mink... A fascinating and enlightening look at the topic.--Lynn Vanca School Library Journal (12/01/2015) Based on work at the Toronto Wildlife Centre, this is the story of how wildlife that lives in urban areas can be injured, treated, rehabilitated, and, in some cases, released back to the wild. The book includes stories of actual animals and what happened to them, as well as step-by-step photos of some of the treatments. Readers learn how staff examine and treat both a skunk with seven dessert cups tightly lodged around its head and a red-tailed hawk with a shoulder fracture. They will be fascinated by the rescue of a common loon trapped in a small pond and how rescuers clean a mute swan family covered with oil. The text includes important information about how to prevent problems with wildlife, as well as what to do if you find an injured animal. Sidebars provide information about treacherous trash and killer cats. There's also a career profile about a day in the life of a wildlife veterinarian and tips on how readers can get involved with animals. The title is recommended as a way to increase general understanding of urban wildlife and help people of all ages modify their behaviours in ways that can prevent attracting and harming them. A table of contents, a resources list, and an index are included.--Helen Mason Resource Links (02/01/2016) Gorgeous color photographs and interesting information make this small book seem much larger.--Jan Pease Crow River Media (04/19/2016)

About the Author

Julia Corey develops outreach materials for The Toronto Wildlife Centre, Ontario's only wildlife facility with a programme to rescue animals from life-threatening situations. Rescue staff are certified in ice rescue, swift water rescue, slope evacuation and chemical immobilisation. They have extensive hands-on experience overcoming the challenges and sometimes danger that comes with rescuing animals.

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Julia Coey, Nathalie Karvonen
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