The Hippo-Tempus AKA the Alexandria Key by Matt Ritson


The Hippo-Tempus AKA the Alexandria Key by Matt Ritson

In this explosive conclusion to The Hippo-Chronos: AKA The Antikythera Key (Matador, 2011), Tynemouth schoolboy Alex's reclusive neighbour Tom finishes retelling the Tale of Eos. Slowly, it wends its way across the globe and forward through time, eventually reaching its shocking climax. Alex and his friends Conna, Maddie and Bex listen on, sifting the evidence for clues. The old man works hard to convince the group that his odyssey is entirely true, but as the tale becomes more unbelievable, everyone struggles to decide what to make of it all - especially the old Greek himself. The old man speaks of a refugee family fleeing the siege of Alexandria, the boy-king Ptolemy, his ruthless sister and wife Cleopatra, assisted by her new partner, Julius Caesar. He speaks of the tomb of Alexander the Great; a conspiracy of silence regarding the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria and of dark events off the island of Antikythera. He also speaks of a superweapon of stealth - The Hippo-Tempus - poised somewhere in time, waiting to be unleashed against humanity by the grandly self-styled high priest 'Zeus'. Does such a thing exist? If so, can Tom convince his friends to help him in his mission to stop the monster? This children's historical fiction children opens up a whole ancient, yet rational world. It is a bittersweet tale and very human adventure story of both modern and ancient youth. Like the popular prequel, it's a work of true crossover fiction that will be enjoyed by young adult readers aged 14 and older, and adults alike. The book also deals with the original rise of Roman fascism across the democratic Greek world.

About the Author

Matt Ritson was born and raised on Britain's north-east coast, where he lives with his son and their extraordinary dog. He studied Ancient History and gained his MA in Industrial Design Engineering at London's Central St Martin's College. Matt's hobbies include ancient history, hiking, scuba diving and horology.

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368 pages
Interest Age: From 14


Matt Ritson
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Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

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22nd November 2012



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